Well here we are…one month out from surgery and I wanted to update everyone on the progress so far and how recovery has been.

After surgery I took two weeks off of work to give myself some time to relax, recover and rest.  Recovery went WAY smoother than I thought it ever would.  Yes, I was in a LOT of pain and I had to sleep sitting up for those two weeks but thank goodness there were no complications or hiccups at all.

I think the roughest thing about recovery was being stuck in the house all day everyday.  Not only that but having to depend on other people for so many things.  I’m such an independent person that needing someone to help me get up, get in and out of the car and shower were all new to me.  Luckily, I have some wonderful people in my life who were so helpful and supportive.

During the second week it got a little difficult with the whole diet idea.  I was home alone all day, bored and alone with my thoughts and bad foods.  HINT- that’s not ideal for a former fat kid.  It was difficult to keep myself in check during the day and keep myself from going back to behaviors that I spent the last few years fixing like eating out of boredom and eating because my mind says I want food not because my body actually needs it.  Being out of the gym was really difficult as well and I could feel myself getting really down because of it.  I’m a person who is go, go, go all the time and uses the gym as therapy as well as exercise….without that therapy I felt a bit like a blob.

I started working with a new coach a little bit ago (about a month before surgery).  To make a long story short my other coach the “Diet Doc” was a total waste of money and was an incredibly expensive lesson learned.  My new coach is an incredibly supportive, understanding and reliable individual who not only works with my dietary restrictions due to my surgery but he actually took the time to LEARN about the surgery I had and how to utilize foods to get to where I want to be.  He was a great support system for when I was feeling down and a little sad during recovery.  I knew I wasn’t making the best choices with foods and letting ice cream, cookies and breads make an appearance in my diet.  He gave me a great pep talk and let me know that it was okay, to brush it off, forgive myself and keep moving on but to remember that it is important to keep an eye on my diet.  He gave me a diet to follow, extra tips for aiding in my recovery and got me TOTALLY stoked for training once I am fully recovered.

About 10 days after surgery I was back at the gym walking GENTLY on the treadmill (IT’S OKAY! THE DOCTOR SAID I COULD!) BUUUT it was a bit like being a diabetic in a candy store and all I could eat was the sugar free candy…yes I could participate a little bit BUT I couldn’t have the FULL experience I wanted.

After I had the drain tubes taken out (a little over a week after surgery) it was SO much easier to get around, wear clothes and sleep!  I didn’t have to wear the fat girl moo moos anymore.  WHEE!!

Two weeks after surgery I was back at work.  Probably not the BEST idea but I gotsta make the moolah!  I had a HUGE wedding for 500 that weekend and for SURE was not ready for that.  After dealing with a needy bride, a totally bitchy momzilla and having the wedding separated into a men’s side and a women’s side I got home and literally fell asleep sitting up on the couch!

The last two weeks I have been INCREDIBLY busy at work.  We are really busy this month and I have an event / wedding every week but I also have corporate / group meetings every week.  It has been great having a routine again though!  My diet is back in check, my body feels better everyday from moving around so much and I have been continuously going to the gym and walking on the treadmill.

It is still SO weird to look down and see a flat stomach!  I’ve never EVER had that before and it feels SO science fictioney to look in the mirror and see full boobs and a flat tummy, I think you can even see some abs at the top.

Everything is a bit swollen still but that is to be expected, the stitches have been removed, the cuts are healing and I am no longer walking hunched over like an old granny!  WHEE!

Everyday is getting better and better, I am feeling good, I think I am looking great and my coach is getting me a new diet and training schedule in two weeks to get back into training and back on track for a competition.

I’m still not TOTALLY used to the new body BUT it’s a pretty great one and I’m so excited it’s all MINE!!


CHECK IT OUT!  (The front still has a bit of an open wound but it has been healing quickly)


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