Ode to Natty Peanut Butter

Ode to Natty Peanut Butter

There is a substance for which I obsess
Its far beyond all the rest

It fights away my hunger pain
To keep away the weight id gain

I’m not even mad it makes me stir

The oily substance that can occur

When I hunger it saves the day
I love to eat it any way

I love to eat it from the jar
I would even eat it at the bar

When my belly cries for something sweet
In rides natty peanut butter to defeat

This buttery magic I truly adore
And like a junkie id do anything to score

Id steal this goodness from the grips of a child
Id even army crawl naked through the wild

This is my ode to you oh glorious natty peanut butter!
Just saying you name makes my taste buds flutter

Ill keep you close during my dieting days
For how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

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