“The time has come the Walrus said…”

Well here we are again my friends!  The beginning of another month.  Life is going fantastic!  I’m feeling great!  The book is coming along…SLOOOWLY, AND I was just given an incredible promotion at work! YAY! I ALSO made it through the Jewish Holiday of Passover without too much of a problem.  For those of you who don’t know, Passover is basically celebrating the Jews being freed from Egypt when they were slaves under Pharaoh.  It’s my most favorite holiday…we. eat. A LOT!  Mom and I were cooking for 5 days before the holiday.  The only catch is we cannot eat anything that has risen in the oven; bread, cookies, cakes and so on.  Any cakes that we have are flourless.  For dinner we have; brisket with carrots and potatoes, chicken, fish, kugels both sweet and savory, Green Beans, white fish, matzos…the list goes on.  We basically make enough for a small country.  AND we have two nights of these dinners!!! SOOO how did I survive?! I knew what we were going to be having at each dinner (we do the first night at my aunts house) so I chose the 2-3 things that I don’t normally get to eat and planned to have a little bit of each and fill in the rest of my meal with proteins like chicken and veg.  I was full…BUT I didn’t want to die.  The good kind of full!

SO!  Here we are now!  I have made the decision to try something a little crazy….HERE IT IS….

I am 18 weeks out from plastic surgery.  Most bodybuilders/competitors start their contest prep 12-16 weeks out from the competition.  See where I’m going with this?!  I decided that I would use this time from now until surgery to treat it like a “dry run” contest prep.  For a few reasons; #1 I want to see what a prep would be like, #2 I want to see how my body responds to a real cut, #3 It gives me more structure in getting ready for surgery.

SO! Here is what my contest prep is going to look like.

– I am almost done with P90X/Insanity Round ONE, and I will be doing another round…BUT it is going to get SUPER insane because I will be doing Insanity in the morning for morning cardio and P90X in the afternoon for my lift.

– This starts May 14th (the 5K is May 12th on Mothers Day, so I need a few days to recover and get all refreshed)

– I am cutting back all the extras in my diet to make it as clean as possible, this will include limiting my sodium intake.  I will be eating at about 1,000 calories a day- 60% Protein, 30% Fat and 10% Carbs.  My body runs better on higher fat, lower carbs.  I get all of my carbs from veg like broccoli and green beans.  This will be interesting because I have been CRAVING bananas lately and while they are great in potassium they are higher in carbs.  BUT…NO ONE SAID THIS WAS GOING TO BE EASY!

– I have been doing a LOT of reading on contest preps and I see what works for others but since I have had DS I am not sure how my body will respond so this will give me a chance to see what works and what doesn’t.

The time has come the Walrus said…TO GET LEAN AND RIPPED!!

– P.S. Updated progress pictures to come!

– P.P.S. I have about 170 pages done in the book.  I am almost done with the writing part of it and will be going back within the next week or so to do the cutting, editing and adding.  SLOWLY BUT STEADILY!!

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