Fabulyss Fitlife- You Can Do ANYTHING

If you would have told me 6 years ago,

“Lyss…one day, you are going to love going to the gym.  You are going to crave healthy and wholesome foods, you are going to be excited to look in the mirror and you are going to participate in a sport that requires you to stand on stage in front of hundreds of people in a bikini…” I would have laughed in your face and asked you to pass the cheesy mashed potatoes.

If you could do ANYTHING…what would you do?

Would you skydive in Thailand?

Do you want to run a naked marathon?

Would ride a donkey up Machu Picchu?

Do you want to be able to breathe at night and be taken off a C-PAP machine?

Let me make this easier for you…


Don’t ever…I repeat EVER let society or the ignorance of on-line strangers tell you that you cannot do something, that something is impossible or that your dreams/goals are unattainable.  Who are they to tell you what you can or cannot do?

Don’t ever tell YOURSELF that you CAN’T do something.   How do you know?  You are the only one who can make it happen.

I believe that NOTHING is impossible.

There are people out in the world who have been told that they would never walk again…they are running marathons.

There are people out there who cannot hear… creating some of the most beautiful music out there.

There is a girl who could barely make it up a flight of stairs competing in bodybuilding with a dream of being Ms. Natural Olympia one day.  (that’s me by the way!)

These people had an idea, a spark of a dream and did ANYTHING they could to make it happen.

 You have to be willing to do anything it takes to get there.  Sitting and wishing won’t get you there.  Complaining and making excuses for yourself won’t get you there.  Money, time, energy, resources are all realities in all of our lives and when you stop letting those get in your way who knows what the possibilities are.  Just because something is HARD doesn’t mean its impossible.  When you put it in your mind that you are going to do something…make every single day one step closer to getting there.  Keep asking yourself what you can do today?  Is what you are doing  right now helping you get there?  Are you doing ONE thing every single day to get you there?  Are you doing everything you can think of?  Are you pushing your comfort zone? Are you making sacrifices?  Are you doing new things that you’ve never done before?  Are you doing what other won’t?  Are you opening your mind and your heart to new opportunities and uncharted waters?

If not, why not?  If not…start TODAY…start right NOW.  Why are you waiting? Start now before you can convince yourself otherwise.

If you want something bad enough you will do ANYTHING to get there. BUT…It’s up to you.

No dream is too big, no goal is too crazy when it’s what you really want.  It may take years and even a lifetime to get there, it will be hard and you will want to quit and you will stumble along the way, hell you may even crash and burn and decide to do something completely different along the way…but when you make it…you will be able to look in the mirror and say…”I CAN do anything.”

What are you doing still reading this?!  GO OUT THERE AND DO IT!




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