Fabulyss Fitlife- Day #25 I’M SMALL!

I originally typed “Happy Memorial Day” as a first line to this post…that seemed a bit morbid to call it “happy” so I would like to say “THANK YOU” to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Thank you to those past, present and future who put their lives on the line to protect us and keep us safe.

Today marks the beginning of week TWO of the 28 day fast metabolism plan.  I KNOW you all have been refreshing your facebook feed everyday with hopes of my updated post to show up on your screen!!  So here’s the scoop!

Things I like about the plan-

*The plan does a great job of cutting out all “extras”.  She really wants you to focus on wholesome foods.  Good quality foods that are dense in nutrients make up the whole plan.  You are eating fruits (mostly dark berries, mangos and apples), a variety of veggies (veggies that are higher in sugars like corn, tomatoes, egg plant are not on the approved list.   Wholesome grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice.  Lean, grass-fed proteins like; fish, chicken, nitrate-free deli meats and sausages, grass-fed beef, turkey and eggs.  Healthy fats like nuts, oils, avocados and egg yolks are all on the list of fats that are a green light.

*You have such a HUGE variety of foods to choose from.

*The plan really TEACHES the follower about different foods and their nutrients.  She does not want to you count calories or macro-nutrients but to just eat from the list and let the healthy foods to the work.

*The plan changes every 2-3 days, you are not eating the same things every single day with the risk of the plan getting boring.

*You are totally detoxing your body of artificial sweetners, caffeine and alcohol during this plan.

*Water and decaf tea are your main liquids and it has been really interesting exploring different flavors of teas that are out there.

(Check out some of my high school buddies and their tea company Tiesta Tea for some amazing tea options! )

About Our Teas

*She encourages you to try different sources of activities based on the phases of the plan.  Days that are higher in carbs she suggests a HIIT based workout.  The Friday-Sunday days, she encourages lifting and one day of yoga, swimming or low impact activity

Things I’m still on the fence about

*We are only going into week TWO but my body did not like the first two days of the plan.

(due to the bariatric surgery, the good fats in my diet help with going to the bathroom and keeping things regular.)

The first four days of the plan do not have any fats.  This made bathroom issues arise and made me feel a little bloated and uncomfortable.

*The amount of carbs/sugar the first two days of the plan make me just a bit uncomfortable.  I am super sensitive to carbs and even though they are all good sources of carbs, the lack of protein those two days made me a little worried (this was ALL mental as the only physical feeling I had was the bloatey feeling from not going to the bathroom all the way).

*I am curious how a plan like this will be sustainable as a long-term lifestyle.  In the book she gives details on how to maintain this for long-term use as well as repeating the cycle multiple times for bigger results.


Weight has gone down 2 pounds!

I can’t lie, I still chew gum during the day BUT! I went from 1 pack of gum a day to 3 pieces a day!


FUN FACT!!!!!  I NOW FIT INTO A SIZE SMALL T-SHIRT!!!!  I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRRRRRRR NEVERRRRRRRRRR fit into a size SMALL!  I was BORN in a size Medium-Husky T-Shirt!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!  The TRAIN shirt is my work shirt which is a small and the big shirt is an XXXL.  AH!!! SO EXCITING!







  • Contest prep starts June 6th!!!!  YAY!!! I’m competing with the UFE again on October 28th!
  • I’m going to be having surgery again on June 4th for the same issue as before…let’s hope THIS is the winner!  *FINGERS CROSSED*
  • My LyssRemaly.com website is under construction and will be coming to a webpage near you in July!
  • I’m up and running with Bariatric Lifestyle Coaching and am taking on new clients!  Phone, skype, in-home and on-line coaching is all available (email me if you have any questions at all).
  • Personal Training at Equinox in Highland Park is an absolute BLAST!  I’m learning SO much and meeting so many wonderful people!  I love that Equinox puts their trainers though an intense certification and training process that feels like being in college again (it has been so amazing learning and re-learning and practicing the practical aspect of training).

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