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FabuLyss FitLife- BUELLER?!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have been looking at my social media, my website and my blog asking this same thing:  “Bueller?”       “Bueller?”     “Bueller?”    Uhm…Lyss are you alive?



Believe it or not…this last month has been dedicated to a few things that I have neglected over the last year; rest and recovery, family, mental health, family, balance and balance.

Many of you who know me know that I have an extreme personality…I’m not just happy majority of the time I’m “LYSS HAPPY!”.  I don’t just workout… “I GO HARD OR GO HOME BEASTMODE”.  I don’t just lose weight… “I GO FROM BARIATRICS TO BODYBUILDING.”  I compare myself to a bull in a china shop…I don’t just show up and wander, I bull doze into a place and make myself known.  I’ve been like that for a long time.  Sometimes people find it off-putting…that’s cool, I get it!  As I’m getting older and settling into adult-hood, I find that it’s something I have to learn how to balance.  My extremes are quite exhausting sometimes.

This past month, everything that has been going on the past year or so came to the surface and I decided that I needed all of the things listed above.  I just needed to chill my tits a little bit and take a bit of a break for ME.  I had to remind myself that it’s OKAY not to be go-go-go all the time, it’s okay to take some time to recover and be calm and be still and just….be.  It’s okay that I’m not running around saving the world every single day and some days it’s okay to be selfish and lay in bed all day watching cheesy rom-coms.  That’s what life is…balance.  Now, bull in a china-shop here learning how to balance has had its ebbs and flows but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it (gosh Adult-ing is SO HARD.)

This past month, I went on vacation, I relaxed and slept-in.  I enjoyed food and good wine.  I worked out because I love to do it not because it needed a purpose or an end goal.  I enjoyed time with my family and my friends.  I had moments where I completely broke down and beat myself up because I’m not an international celebrity yet (one of my goals by the time I turn 30), and I had moments where I met new people who made me laugh so hard I piddled.  This past month, I enjoyed being in-love and exploring a still new relationship, I enjoyed being lazy and letting my body just…be.  I saw my dad and spent time talking to him (I’m not sure if he can hear me but gosh is he a good listener- haha I know, my sense of humor is sick).  I wrote more of my book and explored new workout plans and new ways of eating and exploring food.  There was no time-line or rush or goal…I just let myself…be.  As uncomfortable as it was at times…I really needed it.

As much as I work with my clients on BALANCE and finding a fit and healthy lifestyle.  There are times I need to coach myself too.  It’s so easy for me to go-go-go all the time and forget about the truly beautiful things in life that are just as important as saving the world.  I needed this past month away from social media and away from sharing ever detail of my life to really understand that.  Now hear me when I say…I’m still working on it.  My mentality of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is still nagging me in my mind but now the 28 year old adult me is saying, “bitch, you’re crazy!”

I can honestly say this last month has taught me truly how important balance is.  How important all aspects of life are, not just work, not just money and not just recognition.  Falling asleep because your body is ready to sleep, eating because you are hungry and being able to recognize when you are truly full, meeting brand new people who are fascinating, peeing in the trees hoping no one will see you, playing in the waves of the ocean and letting them scoop you to shore, eating food that tastes amazing and not tracking every single micro-calorie, crying because you need to and  not holding it in because you think you have to, being unsure and scared and questioning yourself…these are ALL parts of life that play such a crucial role in “balance.”

Feel free, if you see me getting “LYSS CRAZY” again… remind me….to balance.  I’ve already written it on my mirror that I look into.  BALANCE.  It requires focus, dedication and most importantly…practice practice practice.


NOW…. how about a few updates eh?

I am on day SEVEN of Jessie Hilgenberg’s Muscle Building program.  The program incorporates lifting progression and cardio recommendations to build muscle while staying lean.  She is one of my most FAVORITE fitness icons and someone who I respect and admire.  She is a mother, a wife, a fitness legend and runs a company like a BOSS (Check our Jessies Girls).  This woman is someone who I can learn a lot from and that’s what I love about this program.

My interest in utilizing different methods of food and nutrition brought me to “The Wild Diet.”  My fascination with podcasts found “The Fat Burning Man” where Abel James talks to top nutrition and fitness figures about their philosophies on diet and lifestyle.  Abel himself is the creator of The Wild Diet and although some might look at it and call it Paleo.  I appreciate his attention to natural remedies, natural energy and utilizing food for so much more than just fuel but actually using food for true nourishment.  I’m a fan.

Some of you may remember that on October 29th, I was lucky enough to receive my pro-card with UFE in Women’s Physique.  One of the most incredible moments in my entire life.  Not just as a former fat girl but as someone who was never athletic or even fit.  Standing on that stage, lights shining bright and hearing my name being called as a new UFE PRO…one of the TOP memories of my short 28 years.

Check it out!