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FabuLyss Fitlife- Houston…we have 16 weeks…

Yeah….yeah…..I know…”Lyss you suck at keeping us updated about your Fabulyss Fitlife!”  Hop off my nuggets will ya?? I’m trying to save the world here!!  Oooooh but you would be right and for that…I deserve a spanking.  Go on…just be gentle…or not!

Today, July 12th 2016 as I sit here during my morning potty writing this, I am now 109 days away (16 weeks) From show #2.

Prep has molded itself into a different approach than I’ve ever done before.  I really needed to take a step back during this approach and think….”okay woman…what does your body NEED, what is totally UNNECESSARY and what is REALISTIC.”

You think just because I’ve done this once before that I know what I’m doing?! HELL TO THE NO! That’s what makes this process so much fun.  Sure, I did it once before but I want to do it BETTER!

After surgery on June 4th for my tush (yeah…again) I got really sick with mono.  I had unbelievable body aches, it hurt from my hair to my toe nails, I had fevers, chills, sweats, vomiting, the runs…seriously… some instances I wasn’t sure which end it was coming from.  It was bad.  After 7 days of these symptoms, I went to the hospital where they actually told me it was mono (I had no clue before this and just thought I had the flu or a virus from surgery).  When the hospital took my blood they indicated that my liver enzymes were REALLY high.  This was a huge moment in my brain.  After this whole saga with the surgeries and the hospital nonsense and the drama…II want to be able to heal my own body and make my body function optimally by using what I have available and what I know how to control instead of depending on medicine and another person’s level of expertise to heal me.  I want to be able to compete in an incredibly demanding and exhausting sport without having to depend on unknown products, fillers and high doses of caffeine.   I can take all the supplements in the world, I can eat as healthy as I want and I can even drink all of the water and all of the land…but I need my body to be healthy.  That is the WHOLE point of my journey and my transformation.  I mean…sure, the sexy guns and tight ass are a nice bonus but my body needs to be healthy and needs to function optimally in order for me to continue to get better at this amazing sport and this incredible life.  So what did I do?  I did a little summer cleaning…notice I said CLEANING…not DETOX.   I believe that the body cleans itself when you use the right tools.

Everything “EXTRA” had to go.  My body needs as much GOOD fuel to process as I can give it.  I need my body to run like a MACHINE.  A machine doesn’t run properly when you give it the wrong fuel, even the “little things” the “extras” make an impact:


Supplements/Vitamins that were not NECESSARY- HAD TO GO

Tylenol, Muscle Relaxers, Pain Meds, Allergy Meds, Cold/Flu- BYE BYE

Fiber powders, laxatives and fat burners- DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE ASS

Artificial Sweetners, Artificial Flavors and Condiments/Spices that are not home made- ADIOS

I did a LOT of research on foods that have a PURPOSE.  I want to eat for a REASON.  The reason isn’t just to get calories in to fuel my workout (this is a VERY important reason, however, my meal plan needs to fuel my workouts and my insides).  I wanted to build a food plan where everything I ate had a reason for being eaten.  Not only that, I only wanted to take vitamins and supplements that would help keep my body strong and healthy and give me the things that I wasn’t getting from FOOD.

I’ve included things like; Apples, Avocado, Oranges, Salmon, Sauerkraut,  Organic Eggs, Chicken of a MUCH higher quality than I was getting before.  Dark green veggies like kale, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, rampini, collards etc. I’m eating more coconut oil and olive oil for my fats.  I have started using Apple Cider Vinegar and things like garlic, ginger, dandelion root.  I am drinking green tea instead of coffee, I am drinking water with lemon and lime.

Training has changed quite a bit as well.  Most of my cardio has been short bursts of either bodyweight movements or rowing on the rowing machine.  I need to be able to be strong enough to move my body as it is as well as heavy objects around me.  I want to be able to be strong and fast and lean and agile.  I don’t want to just look healthy.  I want to BE healthy.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, get the idea.

Wow… as I’m writing this, just had a thought.  Health is kind of like an addiction.  Once you get a taste you want another taste and you want to keep tasting until you can’t go through a day without thinking about it.  You can’t function without it, you focus your life around it and your thoughts around it and it never seems like its enough.  You spend time and money on it, people in your life know how much you participate and there are people in your life who enable it, others who don’t understand it and those you disagree with it.

……. I’ll just let that stew for a bit…….


16 weeks out!  Weight: 151

Feeling AMAZING.  Feeling strong, energetic, excited.  Most importantly…I’m feeling like myself again.  I missed me.



This is LIFE…

Look, I get it…THIS is life…

Sometimes, thing go really really great.  You get your dream job and you make great money.  Sometimes, things go so unbelievably great that you can’t imagine things ever getting better, but they do! You meet the person of your dreams and build a dream house and travel the world. Things are even better than you imagined and you are so grateful for everything you have and are and do.  Sometimes, things go really bad.  Things get so bad and so shitty that you can’t make ends meet.  Things are so bad that you have to make a choice of which bill not to pay.  You are exhausted, lonely, frustrated and angry.  Sometimes, things are really scary.  You have to worry about going to a festival or a gathering.  You have to keep a security alarm on your house or a fire arm under your bed.

I would tell them that life is unpredictable.  You get sick out of the blue when you never saw one warning sign or symptom.  You glance to your phone for just a second and end up in a life changing accident.  You aren’t paying attention and walk right into the person you were meant to be with.   Sometimes, things are so frustrating.  You have to wait for 20 minutes to speak to a human being just to ask one simple question, the person who just cut you off is going exactly the speed limit in the fast lane.  Sometimes, things are so beautiful.  You witness the birth of a new human being, you watch a family reunite after years of being apart, you see the selfless gestures that people give to each other every day.  There are times when life gets overwhelming.  You have people depending on you and a job that bores you and paperwork piling up and bills piling up and responsibilities and obligations and they all have to be taken care of right away.  You have goals and dreams and ambition and ideas that all swirl in your mind at once and you don’t know where to start or what to do first but if you could just figure it out you would be the next hit.

Sometimes, life is not fair.  Your loved ones get taken from you too soon, you miss the deluxe upgrade by one point, you fall to the ground two feet from the finish line.  There are days when you don’t know how you are ever going to make it to the next day.  There are moments when you feel yourself look to the skies and thank whatever is up there that this is your life.  Life is complicated and exciting and disappointing and terrifying. People put each other down and say ugly things to each other and themselves.  People give the shirt off their back to a stranger on the streets and they spend hours of their day giving free haircuts to those less fortunate.

Life is a lot of things and these things happen to every single one of us no matter who we are, what we look like or what we believe.  Life happens and it will always keep happening…so when will it finally be time to take care of yourself?  You need to survive and enjoy all that life is going to throw you.  You have to build a strong army inside of you of healthy organs and muscles and courage.  You have to understand what your body is capable of and what challenges you can meet to be fully prepared for the battles of life.  When life is good, bad, scary, wonderful, exciting and traumatizing, you deserve to feel strong enough and capable enough to handle it.

Live this life.  Don’t just survive it.