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Ch…Ch…Changes (53 Days to go!)





Let’s get straight to the point shall we?  None of us are perfect.  (PHEW! It feels SO good to get that off my chest- if this is new information to you… I’ll get you a paper bag to breathe into).  NONE of us are perfect.  We are all just human… skin, blood, bones…maybe a few silicone parts here and there but we are all just masses of water and tissue trying to live our lives.  As I progress through life and the drastic change my life has made I have to keep remind myself of this fact.


“Lyss, you are only human… it’s OKAY to make mistakes.”


“Woman, you have NEVER done anything like this before… it’s okay to be confused and to just not know.”


“Bitch… give yourself a damn break…you have your WHOLE life to make mistakes and learn from them- you don’t have to have it ALL figured out right this moment.”


These are the things I tell myself on a daily basis.  I am my NUMBER ONE FAN but I am also my NUMBER ONE CRITIC….. did that sound as weird reading it as it did typing it?  Welcome to a moment in my brain.  Never a dull experience.


I tell you these things because I am still BRAND new to bodybuilding and fitness in general.  It has ONLY been 5 years since I decided to lose weight and only 3 years since I really took to lifting, nutrition and lifestyle changes seriously.  It’s STILL a process for me too.  Please don’t let photos fool you… ANYONE can make a body transformation… but the mind is a much trickier transformation to make.  It takes MUCH longer and requires a WHOLE different kind of hard work than going to the gym.  Don’t read me wrong… I said… DIFFERENT KIND.  When I am at the gym I get down to work… I push myself and try new things and track everything and really take advantage of every single rep, set and pound to make my body stronger, better and faster.  The gym is 2-3 hours of my day.  My mind… well that sucker will ALWAYS be there… 24 hours a day for the rest of my life.  That requires a constant state of awareness, consciousness and reflection.  I still catch myself driving past Wendy’s or Burger King and saying, “ooo… a burger and fries sound amazing right now” and I have to mentally bitch slap myself and ask myself, “Who do you think you are? There is NO reason or justification to allow for that type of trash to enter your body.” Then I go about my day until it happens again.


Look, I get it… for someone who has NEVER had a weight issue or an issue with food, this seems so strange to you.  Many of my fit friends and many (UNINFORMED) personal trainers have said, just eat less and move more.  Well if it was THAT simple we would live in a VERY different looking world.  It’s not that easy.  Yes, I have lost a significant amount of weight, I have overcome all of the terrible behaviors that got me to 300+ pounds and I have found a deep passion for a healthy and enriched life and an even deeper passion for bodybuilding.  Not only that, but now I have started my studying to become a COACH in order to support others get to a happier, healthier lifestyle.  HOWEVER, this does NOT mean that the thoughts and the struggles that lead to the bad behaviors are not still hanging around. They are like hooligan skateboarding teenagers that refuse to leave the alleys of my mind.


Not wanting to drag this rant out any further… I’ll go ahead and land my plane and get to my point.  Sometimes you JUST have to change… it’s as easy as that.  I am a BIG fan of changing…I think anyone who knows me know this is true.  I’ve changed jobs, changed locations, changed lifestyles, changed goals… change keeps things fun, exciting and new.


At the beginning of this prep I think I did EVERYTHING wrong.  I came into this thinking I knew what my plan was and what works best for prep but AGAIN I forget to listen to my body…that needed to change.


I came into this with the attitude “I’ve done this before… I’ll do the same thing but harder and longer and get better results.”  That needed to change


Finally, I wanted to keep this prep to myself…I didn’t want to share it with social media or my followers and that needs to change.  I OWE it to the bariatric community to share my story, my struggles and my victories.  I owe it to my friends and family who root for me and cheer me on.  I owe it to the newbie competitors like myself who feel like they are wandering blind in the rainforest of information, facts and “gurus”.


Look, I’m just a funny fat girl.  I am woman enough to admit when I need a change, I’m strong enough to recognize that I’m not smarter than my body and I am for SURE amateur enough to come to terms with the fact that it will take me maybe 5-10 more competitions before I really get a good prep program down that works for me.


The Mexico trip with my family was something that we all REALLY needed- for more than one reason.  I really used this as an opportunity to shut off my mind and reconnect with myself and my body and just listen to my body and go back to what I KNOW as a bariatric patient.  No matter WHAT I do in the future, whether it be bodybuilding, fencing or competitive underwater basket weaving, I am a bariatric patient FIRST and EVERYTHING I do needs to take that into consideration.  I CANNOT diet like everyone else anymore, I CANNOT eat what everyone else eats anymore and that’s why I needed the change.


In Mexico I just ate.  I ate what my body needed.  I ate when I was hungry, I stopped when I was full.  I ate wholesome food and all home cooked food; Egg whites, fresh veggies, chicken, fresh fish, avocados (pretty much my own body weight in guacamole).  I enjoyed a few glasses of wine, two cheat meals and a few treats.  I worked out every day and kept my workouts short but intense.  Cardio was mostly sprinting intervals on the treadmill.  One day we went scuba diving which is an AWESOME activity to change things up a bit.  I lifted every day for about 45 minutes and kept rest periods short and weights moderate.  I also stuck to compound movements to really get a good bang for my buck.  We walked on the beach almost every night, we went deep sea fishing and laid by the ocean and played in the pool and JUST. RELAXED.  I didn’t even THINK about work or stress.  I thought a lot about my family and my mom and my future.


This trip was really a turning point for me in the way I think about my future.  EVERYTHING I do from this point on is for my mom.  This book I’m writing, the career I have now, the career I’m building for my future… I NEVER want that woman to ever have to work another day in her life.  I want her to see the world and experience life and not have to worry about one single thing.  EVER.


Since returning…I’ve made some changes.


I’m still listening to my body and that’s exactly what I’m going to keep doing.  I’m going to keep you my beautiful and sexy people (that would be you) in the loop with this prep.  Not just weekly but a few times a week so you can really follow my process.  I want you to know how this process works and what I struggle with and what I change along the way.  Plus, it is a HELLUVA big help when I also have something to refer back to.  PLUS, everyone needs to feel accountable.  Even this kid.


Happy 53 days until show time people!


Take a look at what I’m looking like.  A HUGE thank you for following along and your support.  It means so much to me.


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