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Here’s to you…

Here’s to you fit chicks.  To having too many sports bras and yoga pants in every color.  Here’s to the sacrifice and courage to break the mold of beauty and femininity.

Here’s to you bodybuilders.  To protein farts and grizzly bear snoring.  Here’s to the dedication, determination and preparation you put into your craft and your masterpiece.

Here’s to you newbies.  To scrawny arms and chicken legs. Here’s to your vision you see for yourself and continue to strive for with every workout.

Here’s to you older folks.  To having the balls to walk around the locker room totally naked.  Here’s to your gumption.  Your zest for a healthy, enriched life.

Here’s to you first timers.  To awkward chub rub and sore muscles.  Here’s to your bravery to step outside your comfort zone and try something new for yourself.

Here’s to you personal trainers.  To being on your cell phone more than you watch your client.  Here’s to your passion for motivating and encouraging others.

Here’s to you; to the muscle meatcakes, to the single moms, to the morbidly obese, to the full face of makeup girls, to the grunters, to the cross-fitters, to the man buns, the camel toes, the cardio bunnies, to everyone who does what they can every single day to move, to be active and to take care of yourself.  Here’s to you.  It may not always be pretty. It may not always be the sweatiest, stinkiest or most painful workout of your life, it won’t be the first workout and it most certainly won’t be the last…but you’re there.  You showed up and you are that much closer to a healthier, happier and more active life.  Your body thanks you and here’s to you!

Today marks 14 Weeks (96 days) until show time!!  I have been really focused during this prep so far.  It’s like a light switch went off in my brain and I’m in “GO” mode.  AM fasted cardio has been consistent (you can check my endless sports bras and sweaty undies that have now doubled- first sign of contest prep is my massive piles of laundry!)

Workouts have still been very strong.  I’m still able to lift a good amount of weight and I’m not feeling tired or lethargic after a full day of work and still getting in a good workout (I would like to personally thank high amounts of caffeine for this phenomenon).  My abs are starting to play peek a boo


I have re-arranged my meals around to fit best with my work schedule.  There are some days where it is almost impossible to have a full meal and there are days where I just can’t seem to get everything in.  I have made the following adjustments

After AM fasted Cardio

(1) ground turkey burger

After getting to work

(1) scoop of Dymatize Cinnamon Protein Powder

2 Hours Later

(1) ground turkey burger with 1 oz. cashews

2 hours later

I start to eat my 6 oz. grilled chicken, 1 cup of green beans and try to get that finished before my workout.

After my workout I will have either the last of the above meal or start my dinner of 6 oz. grilled chicken and 2 cups of greens with 1 tbsp. of olive oil or 2 oz. cheese.

I’ll either do another shake before bed or 4 egg whites.  I have had NO trouble at all getting my 1 TBSP. of natural peanut butter in every single day though lol NO TROUBLE AT ALL!

Progress is coming along.  I am noticing little oblique action

never had these side cuts before!

never had these side cuts before!


MANY thanks to the amazing Jason Chambers for taking my progress pictures and who has been an amazing mentor to me in the gym!

96 days to keep making progress and to keep transforming.

The book has taken an unexpected turn and maybe this was the turn it needed to make and why I needed to start over.  After asking many opinions and marinating for a while I have decided that instead of writing TWO books and have the first book be my journey from birth all the way through my shenanigans to losing my goal weight and deciding to compete and the second book start from my decision to compete, through plastic surgeries into my first competition experience and have decided to write one big book.  I just want to get my story out there, my whole story and send it out into the world.  I think people deserve to know the entire story since it has such a happy ending…why keep the people waiting.

From Bariatrics to Bodybuilding…is coming to life.

I’m Just Me…

I’m not going to lie to you…when I first had bariatric surgery, I was hoping it would change more than just my weight.  Before surgery I was hoping that it would change everything…my social life, my love life, my personality, my relationship with myself.  A LOT was weighing on this surgery.  I was still so dumb to think that the surgery was going to change everything.  Don’t get me wrong…a LOT has changed.  The surgery started the ball rolling…I picked it up and ran with it.  Everything DID change once I took matters into my own hands.  My relationship with myself, my relationship with food and health and wellness.  My personal life has changed… the clothes I wear, the things I watch and the people I interact with have all changed.  The ONE thing that hasn’t changed…is me.

The core of who I am and all of my quirks…none of that has changed.  I notice a lot about myself and the way I handle situations and ALL of it is stemmed from how I grew up and my experience as a fat kid.  I take things so personally because it always was.  I still don’t feel comfortable at the gym because I was not born and raised an athlete so I still don’t quite feel like I belong there.  I talk too loudly because I would rather be heard than seen for so long.  I get nervous and awkward in front of guys that I find attractive because rejection is still a terrifying feeling to me.  I always find the humor in a situation, I always find the silver lining and I always have a smile on my face because I’m just happy.  That’s just me.  I say the wrong things, I tell dirty jokes about foul things, I say things to make people feel awkward, I spend too much time by myself, I am my harshest critic, I drive with my feet on the dashboard, I don’t floss every single day, I get scared and sad and embarrassed.  I trust too quickly and question too much.  I have too many dreams and goals to keep them all in my mind at once, I change my mind and act impulsively and sometimes fish for compliments.

It seems that I’ve changed everything I COULD change…there are just things I can’t.  No matter what my body looks like, what my blood pressure is and how big my boobies get…I’m just me.  That I can’t change.


Today is 110 days- 16 Weeks Out from my second show.  Today my diet changed, today cardio changed and today…my mentality changes.

I’m not sure what has been happening in my mind since my move but there has been a struggle upping my motivation to take it to that next level.  My motivation to get to the gym and prep my meals is always there…but that spark I need to push even further, even harder and start really busting balls has taken a while to show itself.  Not just in training but re-starting my book.  Today that all changes.  Anyone can dream, anyone can say they are going to do this and that… anyone.  It takes a certain kind of person to actually do it.  I’m not the sayer anymore…I’m the doer…It’s time to focus and just do it.

Today my diet changed to 1,300 calories

180 grams of protein

58 grams of fat

28 grams of carbs per day

I still mostly get protein from ground turkey, chicken and eggs.  Fats are still from cashews, avocado and oils, and carbs are coming from the cashews and the dark green veggies.  I will be removing all gluten/flour from my cheat meals starting this week.  No more cookies, cakes, breads… I hate the way they make my gut feel the next day.  For this prep I’m going to make that change at 16 weeks and see how it impacts the way I feel after a cheat meal.

Cardio is increased to 40 minutes per day with a mixture of HIIT and LISS cardio.  30 minutes fasted in the AM on the stairs is my fasted cardio of choice.  HIIT is SO hard without food in your belly! I’m going to switch it up to HIIT AFTER my workout, see if that makes a difference.

I have been incorporating a LOT of volume training as well as heavy lifting into my routine.  I have been switching off between workouts.  One workout I will lift hard and heavy, next workout for that bodypart I will do what I have been calling hundos…100 reps of each move.

I’m still sticking to the current split I have been doing because I like the way it works for me







I had a bit of a blip this week when my doctor told me I had to go in for ANOTHER surgery on Tuesday 10/27.  Thank god my mommy flew in to be there with me for yet another pain in the ass (literally) situation.  It may have kept me down for a few days but it’s not going to put a dent into my prep.  I refuse to let this thing impact my life ANY more than it already has.  I have a goal in mind and I need it more than I need to breathe.  I give myself a pep talk every day at the gym.  I keep telling myself that this one is for me.  This show is for me.  The first one really was for an opportunity to get on stage and complete my transformation.  This one…I really want to see what I’m made of.  I REALLY love this sport and I want to see what I can do.  I find myself not really wanting to post TOO much on social media but just enough to keep a log of everything I do.  I find myself wearing big baggies sweats and sweatshirts to the gym to keep covered up.  It’s not so much that I didn’t take my prep seriously the first time but THIS time is so much more serious to me.  It’s so much more personal this time.  16 weeks to go.  I am ready to shock myself.