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That’s My Story…I’m Sticking to It…

I had a totally different blog started for this week.  This weekend was my nineteen weeks out check in so I had progress pictures and workouts and a diet updates.  I’m going to save that for next weeks check in.

This week has been a bit…emotional.  On Wednesday night I realized that the USB stick that I keep my book saved too was lost.  Literally, lost.  I have NO clue where it is.  I have torn apart my car, my office, my apartment.  No, I didn’t back it up to a hard drive (I know, I know I’m such an asshole), no I hadn’t emailed it to myself in over a year and yes… I have to start over.  I have had a few days to process and come to terms with this and I have decided that I refuse to just give up.  This is less than ideal, this is a HUGE set back but things happen for a reason.  I wasn’t as dedicated to the putting time into the book as I should have been the last few months.  Maybe this was the shock I needed to get my ass into gear and maybe the version I was working on was going to be a total dud and it just needed to go away in order for me to set the New York Times Best Seller in motion.  Well…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I can do this.  I will have to stay focused…prep, work, book…that is going to have to be my focus in order to dedicate myself fully to each.  I apologize for the less than hilarious blog update this week.

Just to keep this thing updated, prep is going very well.  The last few weekends I have had to work and have had friends and family in town.  I wasn’t perfect when my friends in family were in town, but I made adjustments in my workouts and diet to account for those bumps in the road.  I can’t lie… it’s hard to even worry about the things going on in life when there are incredible places like this to experience



Oops! Got caught with my chicken bags!

I’m currently 19 weeks out.  Cardio remains 30 minutes of HIIT fasted each morning and 20 minutes of LISS after my lift every other day. There have been a few mornings these past weekends where I wasn’t able to do cardio first thing in the morning so I would get it in when I could, extend the cardio to 45 minutes-1hour and do that on the stairs or the treadmill.

Diet is 1,400 calories

My split is still

Chest / Arms

Legs / Calves/Glutes

Shoulders / Tris

Back / Bis



Below are my progress pictures from Saturday 10/10.


20151009_110633 20151009_110617 20151009_110537 20151009_110551 20151009_110604

I even found a comparison picture from 19 weeks out last prep.  A bit leaner this time.  Hopefully there are bigger muscles under there!!