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Got the life…

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!! I have received quite a few requests on Facebook and Instagram from people asking what my day to day routine and lifestyle is like. I apologize for giving bits and pieces of information usually on here…this is merely my venting place and space so of course if there is ANYTHING that I can share with you, my dear reader, please let me know and I am more than happy to do that!!


I’m always happy to share my experiences and if you have been following along for a bit, you know that I’m not exactly shy when it comes to the dirty details. This journey has been quite a dramatic one and I think that the world deserves to know that it isn’t always rainbows and poptarts…that would be nice though! Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything I can share! You know I’m happy to over-share J


I live very much by routine. Call me weird, a freak, whatever you want…but my body functions by a routine and when I’m thrown off that routine I have to prepare for anything to happen…whether it be a situation where I don’t have enough food or where I’m in the middle of traffic and a have to go BIG potty…I have to be prepared for anything and that is why I try not to veer TOO far off of my daily routine too often. I am also a planner by nature (hence…why I am one for a living). I like knowing where I’m going, when I’m going there and how long it will take to get there and what I will need. The below diet and training pretty much stay the same but I will get crazy sometimes and make tweaks based on how I’m feeling and what my day/week looks like.

Currently, I’m in what some would consider an “off-season” but really, to me that just means my focus is on BUILDING muscle mass instead of CUTTING body fat like I would focus on for my contest prep. Prep starts November 9th and that isn’t much time left to put on some more size but I feel like my strength has been CRAZY she-hulk status lately, so that means SOMETHING is working right?? (Side note- I was able to do heavy squats the other day on leg day with NO pain, NO after-pain and NO discomfort…I did a happy dance…and made sure to add a booty shake…because I COULD.) Not being a slave to the pain and the discomfort that the whole “issue” used to cause is like being re-born.

ANYWAYS…… to give a details look into my daily diet, supplements and routine I will take you on a FULL day-in the life experience….join me…

5:45 AM – Alarm goes off…no this isn’t when I spring out of bed all bright eyed and Lyss-ish but this is when I tell myself, “okay…5 more minutes”

5:50 AM- I spring out of bed. Get my contacts in, get my teeth brushed, shorts and sports bra on and head into my living room for morning cardio. The last few weeks I have been doing Insanity DVDs in the mornings. I am missing a few DVDs so I’ve been supplementing with the cardio DVDs from P90X. BUT! I purchased Insanity MAX :30 as an even BIGGER cardio challenge…so I will be starting those on Monday! Wish me luck!

6:45-7:00AM Cardio is done and I hop into the shower for a quickie and face wash. Then back to the kitchen while I air dry to get my food packed for the day. I usually have 2-3 egg whites at this time since I have just finished morning cardio, my body needs something. This is also when I take my first dose of vitamins:

  • Multi vitamin
  • Prilosec OTC (I’m not sure why this works so great for me, but I have a hard time eating if I don’t take it.)
  • Milk Thistle for my liver
  • Biotin for my hair, skin and nails
  • Zinc for general immune system support
  • B Complex
  • Vitamin D

8:30 AM I get to work and have meal #1 which is usually 4 egg whites, either hard boiled eggs or scrambled egg whites. I eat these with 2 oz. of Avocado and 3 oz. of chicken (sometimes I do ground turkey).

This is also when I take the rest of my morning vitamins since I have a bit more food in me now

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Dandelion Root

11:00AM I eat meal #2 which is usually 3 oz. of shredded chicken and ½ a cup of veggies

12 PM   This is usually when my co-workers eat lunch, so I will try to eat meal #3 at this time which is usually 5-6oz of chicken or 6 egg whites and either Romaine Lettuce or Green Beans or Broccoli. I will have this with either 2 oz. of cheese or 1 TBSP of olive oil

2:00 PM I will try to finish the rest of meal #3 as meal #4, if work is getting a bit crazy I have to wait until I can finish it.

4:00 PM I will eat meal #5 which is my pre-workout meal and usually 1 oz of cashews and 1 oz of dried cranberries and 3 oz. of grilled chicken

5:00 PM I’m usually out the door from work and trying to make it home to get to the bathroom. (Yes, I’m too scared to poop in public at work).

Side note- also bathroom related. I make sure that I get a LEAST a gallon of water in during the day. This makes me pee a LOT, I use this time as an excuse to get up away from my desk and walk to the furthest bathroom I can find and walk back. I also have a standing desk at my desk so I make sure I’m not sitting on my arse all day!

6:30PM I’m on my way to the gym! I have had my pre-workout meal, had my few minutes to decompress after work, do my bathroom business and a few swipes on Instagram (of course) and I’m out the door. WHICH gym I go to depends on what time it is and where I need to go after the gym. I have three options that are pretty close to my place so I hit up one of the three. Below is my workout split for lifting:


Day 1: Chest/Arms

Day 2: Legs

Day 3: Back / Bis

Day 4: Shoulders/Tri’s

Day 5: Legs

Day 6: OFF

How about a little sample workout? Good idea Lyss!

Let’s do shoulders/tri’s for example:

Warm up is always something light but intense

5 x 30 shoulder press with 10 lb dumbbells

2 x 30 I call them John Meadows 6 ways but it works all the different delts

Time to go to work

5 x 10-12 Dumbbell Press I start with 30LBS and if I feel like that is pretty easy, I move up to 35LBS and when it starts getting REALLY hard, I work my way down the rack in weight.

10 x 10 superset of Lateral Raises and Upright Rows with a 45 LB plate (believe me…it may not sound like much but when you are doing 100 reps…you WILL be grateful it’s only 45 LBS)

5 x 8-10 Smith Machine Military Press- I go HEAVY on these until that 8th rep is a total sphincter pucker

5 x 30 Tricep extensions with the V attachment on a cable. I like the V because I feel a deeper pump than the rope attachment. The last set I do one big drop set and each set I go until failure, lower the weight and go until failure again.

5 x 30 reverse pec dec, I SQUEEZE each and every one of these and can’t get enough of that pump feeling when the muscle and the mind connect…oh my goodness… such a crazy feeling! I also drop set these on the last set exactly how I do triceps

4 x 8-10 skull crushers. I use a medium weight on this one because let’s be honest…I don’t want to be eating barbell. I do these laying down and stretch my arms behind me to feel a bigger stretch

5 x 10 Front Raises with dumbbells with iso hold at the top

10 x 10 lateral raises super set with standing tricep extensions

200 assisted dips I go until I can’t go any more… then take a second and keep going. Sometimes it takes me FOREVER, sometimes it doesn’t take that long but I go until I reach 200

Some days I do cardio after I lift and some days I don’t. Once I get into prep mode the cardio is a lot more religious after my workout.

After I workout I always eat something with protein in it right away, usually a few ounces of chicken or the two ounce packets of tuna. I also take my BCAAS and L Glutamine.

After the gym and my post workout car meal I get home to shower and eat meal #6 which is 4 egg whites and either 1 TBSP of grass-fed butter, cinnamon and vanilla or 2 oz. Of cheese and a squirt of organic ketchup aaaall depends on the Ole buds and if they are feeling sweet or savory.

Side note #3- I made the executive decision to do an earlier show…SO wha ha happened was that the Jay Cutler Classic in March is an NPC non-tested show.  I know what you are thinking, “but Lyss isn’t it your goal to compete in a professional league show 100% natural??” Yes kind reader…it is…however, there is a time and a place for everything.  I am not ashamed to admit that I need a few more years before I feel like my body is ready for a non-tested show so this next show is going to be an OCB Natural Show here in Arizona.  THAT means….that the show is February 20th, 2016….and THAT MEANS…. contest prep starts Monday, September 21st….that means….TOMORROW!  AHH!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!!

So here…is phase one plan for my second contest prep!  The journey part two starts tomorrow.  I’m not happy with where my body is looking right now (see photo below)…BUT the plan below is based on wanting to maintain as much muscle mass as I can while dropping bodyfat at a slow and steady pace….

I have been working with Jason Chambers out of Maximum Fitness in Scottsdale a few days a month and he is going to be a huge asset in helping me get my physique where I would like it to be for this second show and the BIG show in August.  I’m SO excited to be getting into prep again!  I just hope I have build some more muscle mass over these past few weeks.

1,400 Calories    200 g. protein    50 g. carbs         70g. fat


Meal #1

6 Egg Whites (scrambled or hard boiled)

3 oz. Chicken Breast / Ground Turkey / Salmon

2 oz. avocado


Post Cardio/Lift

1 scoop protein


Meal #2 / #3

8 oz. Grilled Chicken Breast

1 oz. Dried Cranberries

2 oz. Cashews

1 cup broccoli/green beans


Meal #4 / #5

8 oz. Grilled Chicken

1 cup broccoli/green beans


Meal #6

6 egg whites (scrambled or hard boiled)

2 TBSP. Natural Cheese

1 TBSP Natural Peanut Butter






Day #1  Chest / Shoulders / Arms


Day #2  Legs / Glutes / Calves / ABS


Day #3  Back / Biceps


Day #4  Shoulders/Triceps / ABS


Day #5 Legs / Glutes / Calves


Day #6 Back / Arms / ABS


Day #7 OFF




















Vitamin C


Protein Shake

Prilosec OTC


W/ MEAL #1








Omega 3’s






Multi- Vitamin


Vitamin C




  • 2 gallons of water per day
  • ONE cheat treat on leg day #1 and ONE cheat meal on leg day #2
  • NO uncalculated/unplanned snacking
  • EVERYTHING must be tracked
  • Protein FIRST
  • 7-9 hours of sleep PER NIGHT IS A MUST!!!
  • Foam roll every leg day / day after leg day
  • Stretch after every AM fasted cardio session
  • Progress pictures EVERY two weeks
  • POSING! MUST practice posing 3 days per week; all mandatories and quarter turns.
  • Tea, Black Coffee, Water only. ONE glass of dry red wine per week.


Here’s where we are starting…

LOTS of work to be done...I've missed you muscle definition and I can't wait to see you again!

LOTS of work to be done…I’ve missed you muscle definition and I can’t wait to see you again!


The Morning Potty…

The very first thing I do when I sit for my morning potty is open up Facebook or Instagram.  If anyone tells you that they don’t get their best swiping done when pooping… they are lying!

Look, I’m not ashamed to admit I look at and envy the squatbooties of ig and the fitness competitors who seem to always look flawless, lean and ripped.  The problem arises when I start to internalize what I see and start to compare myself to their physiques and contest ready bodies to my…everything.

I realized I had gone to “that place” one evening a few days ago as I was sitting at a bench I had swooped from a little manlet at the gym a few minutes earlier, my ear buds in my ears screaming and my mind off in lifting la la land. I stared into my reflection in the mirror between sets and started dissecting the figure looking back at me.  “Your arms are getting a bit hefty” I found myself telling the reflection.  “You have put on too much weight.  You aren’t as defined as you should be AND you make weird faces when you lift.” I found myself feeling bummed that I didn’t look like all of the fitness models I admire on social media. I was ripping apart every single part of my body that I was uncomfortable with and letting it ruin my workout, my mood and my day all together. Not only did it ruin my mood and the way I was looking at myself in the mirror but it takes me to that desperate place where the thought flashes through my mind what drastic thing I can do to make the problems go away?  Do I cut my food by 1,000 calories?  Do I start doing 2 hours of cardio a day again?  My head started spinning, the tears were burning in my eyes and I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror.  It took me a second to mentally bitch slap myself, calm the EFF down and realize….”you used to HATE the gym.  In fact, you used to FEAR the gym.  You used to sit on the couch for 5 hours a day and just watch tv while eating a full box of cheesy mashed potatoes right out of the pan.”  I realized I have to be careful who I compare myself to.  It’s so easy for me to go right into “girl” mode and rip apart my body and my weaknesses and criticize myself for not looking how I want to look or look like the people I follow and THEN I depend on OTHER people to validate whether I look good or not…..what the hell? How does THAT make any sense??

I forget to be my OWN validation. For a moment I forgot to be my OWN number one fan.  I forgot to have my OWN back and be my OWN coach!  I let social media be the gage that determines how I see MYSELF. I don’t know most of the people I follow on social media and there are a good 10-12 who I follow religiously who I admire because of their physique and work ethic and outlook on life…but sometimes I find myself crossing the line between admiration and envy/jealousy…and NO ONE looks good covered in jealousy.

When I disconnected for a few weeks when I first moved here I felt truly at ease in my own flow, my own “ness” if you will. There is no competition other than with the girl I look at in the mirror. there is no one worth comparing myself to other than her. She is the ONLY one who I should be comparing myself to and the only one who I should strive to be like.  SHE is the gauge who will tell me how I am looking.  I get so busy checking-in with social media that I forget to check-in with me.

I took a few progress pictures the other day that really shocked me. well it was probably a bad idea to take progress pictures right after looking at my pictures from a few days before the show. I’m an idiot I know. Every single competitor who ever lived will tell me that they don’t look stage ready all year round. the hours and hours of hard work that went into looking like that are impossible to maintain all year round and I’m pretty sure my body and my friends and family would retaliate against me and I’m ALMOST positive my body would self destruct.  I think those pictures were what sparked this rant of a blog.  Hey! It’s my blog…you’re just living in it so you will read EVERY rant and rave and you’re gonna like it!  I loved my body SO much when I was prepping for the show.  I loved how I felt inside and out, I loved how I looked from my hair, skin, down to the veins in my feet that popped.  I’m not saying that I want to look contest ready every single day.  BUT, I think that there is a balance I need to maintain in order to keep my personal sanity while working towards building the bigger muscle mass I want to build.

The progress pictures are just where I am now. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m still learning. I’m still on my own journey. Yes, I lost a massive amount of weight and I’m so incredibly proud and amazed and humbled by that journey but now it’s time for something more. Something bigger.

The best thing I ever did for myself when starting on my weight loss journey was sit down, get very uncomfortably honest with myself and write a list of all the bad habits I needed to change. I dont think that the list is only relevant to massive body transformations, nor does it have to be three pages long like my first list was (hence why it took 5 years).  I think it was an amazing tool that gave me something to look forward to visiting.  Every time I went to “the List” I would be checking one thing off and getting one line closer to a better life and the body I wanted for myself.  I think I might revisit “the list”. Even if it is one or two things that I need to fix/change or tweak that I might have started doing or that I shouldnt do anymore. I think having one or two things to focus on every few weeks helps keep me focused and helps me measure the changes and progress other than my weight, muscle definition and mass, because I have already learned the hard way it isn’t always going to be the scale!  *cough cough bitch cough cough*.  There are so many things that define “progress” I want to expand my horizons and keep my progress moving forward instead of focusing on just the same gauges as I have been.

The first item on my list is to stop taking the fat burners that I have been taking for WAY too long.  Now before you judge, hear me out.  EVERYONE and their plumber knows I have some weird bowel issues unless this is your first time reading then SURPRISE! I talk about the bathroom a lot…hey, bathroom issues are the ONE thing we all have in common am I right?  Well going to the bathroom has never been a PROBLEM as in, I always go…but the when and where is usually the question mark.  When I take the fat burners, within 20 minutes I go from the caffeine, and I mean… I GO!  totally cleaned out and absolutely successful potty experience.  WIN!  So I take them first thing in the morning and right after work before the gym and life is good!  I haven’t had to leave the gym early to run to the bathroom, I haven’t had to sit on the potty for 30 minutes scared to push because I FEEL like I have to go but nothing is happening.  When I don’t take the fat burners that is what ends up happening.  My tummy just builds up and as much as I try, I can’t go.  It’s so uncomfortable and I can’t even eat, the gas, the bloating it all just builds up and I’m stuck at work, at my desk trying to do jumping jacks, drinking water, rolling around every which way to go to the bathroom.  This means that my body has also become used to the stimulants in the fat burners.  I need to get my body to function on its own again.  It needs to be able to run as it runs and find its own rhythm again.  I’m TERRIFIED to feel this horrible feeling but I think it’s something I will have to suck up for a few weeks in order to get my body to function on its own.

Second, I have cut out additional caffeine in coffee and coffee drinks.  That was also on my list.

Finally, I need to continue to cut back on gum and artificial sweetners.  I have been doing great cutting out the artificial sweetners but next I need to cut out the gum that I started chewing during my prep.

The above is my list to start.  In a few weeks, I will add more but I want to nail down EACH item first and really focus on each item before moving to the next one.  (WISH ME LUCK)

I did make a very big decision to do another show before the BIG show in August.   I made the decision to compete in the Jay Cutler classic in Las Vegas on March 27th 2016. This will give me time to prep from November 9th until the show.  It will give me some time to rest and make any adjustments I need to make before going into full on beast mode for the August WBFF show which is the big boy.

Call me crazy but I won’t stop busting my ass until I get to where I want. I have a vision for myself…I want to keep shocking myself. I want to keep pushing myself past every comfort, every fear and every insecurity. It’s just me and the girl in the mirror and the girl in the mirror is in for an even bigger challenge, even harder work and who knows where she will be in 6 months.  Until then, I need to focus on her and myself.  I need to be patient with myself, forgive myself for not being perfect every single day, every single minute and remind myself that it is OKAY if I don’t have all of the answers…but most importantly, I need to disconnect a bit more and maybe just stick to reading on the potty.


The progress picture that sparked a massive break down, ugly tears and this ranting blog.

The progress picture that sparked a massive break down, ugly tears and this ranting blog.

THIS is where I want my body to be when I start my next prep.  I've got some serious work to do.

THIS is where I want my body to be when I start my next prep. I’ve got some serious work to do.