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6 WEEKS OUT- You can’t plan life…

6 Weeks Out- That’s 40 Days 20 Hours and 10 Minutes….


My how time flies when you are totally overwhelmed and absolutely out of your league but LOVING it!


Confused?  Me too!


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it through this whole entire process…


This is the HARDEST thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.  Don’t read me wrong.  It’s the hardest thing…BUT I am loving EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT of what I am doing in this process.


Even the moments when I step on the scale and that stupid mark stays at the exact same place it has been the last two weeks…that feeling of defeat, failure and confusion…you know the one I’m talking about.  The way only the scale has a true gift of making you feel…even THOSE moments I love.  It gives me a chance to reflect, to trial and error and to move forward.


This process has put me more in-tune with my body and how my body functions and reacts and what it needs and doesn’t need.  I’ve taken a LOT….a LOT of time to figure out who I am emotionally and what I want from my life and what I expect from myself and where I see my life going.  I  have never spent this kind of time and energy on my body and really taking the time to get to know my body inside and out.  Every single nook and cranny, lump and bump…I love every single inch of it.


Never….EVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would look in the mirror and see what I see looking back at me.  Five years ago when I was sitting amongst a sea of Chinese take-out and pigging out all by myself, unable to stop eating, unwilling to admit my horrible habits to anyone… I would have never imagined that this is where I would find myself.  Not only have I completely changed my relationship with food but I have changed my relationship with MYSELF.  I deserve to have good, wholesome fuel in my body.  I deserve to train hard and push my body and keep it active and moving and vibrant.  For so many years I neglected myself.  Never again.


The last two weeks have been a bit tough just with my body’s progress and small things that seem to not be going exactly my way.


I think I effed myself over with drinking WAY too much water and eliminating sodium from my diet.  I think my body has been retaining water from the combination of both.  I JUST figured this out the other day (Wednesday-when I got on the scale and it said 142!!)  The last few days I have been going back to normal sodium and decreasing water a little bit and getting my body back to a healthy balance.

I planned for this to be hard.  I planned to kill myself at the gym 2-3 times per day, work the hardest I’ve ever worked.  I planned on sweating my tits off every single day and even planned for a few cheat meals and slip ups…but the little random shit that keeps happening…THAT I haven’t planned for.  This water retention in my ankles/feet, the gas and bloating…these things that just randomly start happening throw me off SO much and really mess with my head.  I didn’t plan for these!  I don’t even know how to solve them most of the time and I’m TOO close for these type of things to be happening.  It’s getting frustrating.  I know that I can’t plan everything…I know that this is a whole new process and my body is NOT used to this at all and I have to keep reminding myself of this.  I just don’t want to make a fool of myself on stage.

The plan has been tweaked a little bit since we are at the 6 week mark and this will be the plan for the next two weeks.  I vow HERE and NOW not to make ANY changes to this plan spur of the moment!  I think I get myself all worked up and panic and decide to make changes off the cuff…I need to stop that.  I need to trust my body and trust the process and keep on keepin on!


Here’s the plan stan:



1,350 Calories

10% Carbs – 34 grams

50% Protein- 170 grams

40% Fats- 60 grams


Meal 1 /2

4 oz. Grilled Chicken

4 Hard Boiled Egg Whites

2 oz. Avocado

½ cup brussels/asparagus/beans/broccoli

Meal 3/4

8 oz. Grilled Chicken

1 TBSP. Sesame Oil

½ Cup Brussel Sprouts / Asparagus/Beans/Broccoli

Meal 5/6

6 oz. Chicken/Turkey/Eggs/Lean Ground Beef

2 C. Romaine/Greens

½ tbsp. Olive oil

Meal 7

6 Egg Whites

1 TBSP. grassfed butter


1 CUP of Kale Chips during the day





Day 1     Legs/Glutes/Calves

Day 2     Chest / Arms

Day 3     Delts

Day 4     Legs/Glutes/Calves

Day 5     Back/Bis

Day 6     OFF (double up on cardio)


Abs will be every day but I will be rotating between different moves each day:  Day 1 will focus on lower abs, Day 2 will focus on obliques, Day 3 will torch that 6 pack.  Then the round will start again.  I will still train these like a train my muscles 4-5 sets of 10-12 reps of heavy weight.



50 Minutes LISS every morning  (First 20 minutes will be HIIT)

25 Minutes HIIT every other day



Upon Waking:

–          Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

–          BCAAs

30 Minutes before Meal 1-

–          Garcinia Cambogia

–          L-Carnetine

With Meal 1-

–          All vitamins

–          Probiotic

–          Digestive Enzyme

–          Veggie Caps

–          Milk Thistle

–          Fish Oil

30 Minutes before Meal 3-

–          Carb Shredder

–          Garcinia Cambogia

–          L-Carnetine

With Meal 3-

–          BCAAs

–          Fish Oil

–          Digestive Enzyme


–          Hydroxycut hardcore elite

–          Garcinia Cambogia

–          Carb Shredder

–          L-Carnetine

–          BCAAs

Post- Workout

–          Digestive Enzymes

–          BCAAs

–          Probiotic

Before Bed

–          BCAAs



*1-2 gallons of water per day MAX

*Salt foods

*7-9 hours of sleep per night

*POSING POSING POSING!!!!!!  20-30 minutes EVERY NIGHT!!!




Progress pictures this week are less than ideal.  My ankles and feet are SO swollen, I’m holding water everywhere and just look so bloated and puffy….I’m  not proud to post these but I NEED the two week check-ins to keep me on track.

6 weeks- side tricep

6wks2 6wks3 6wks4 6wks5 6wks6 6wks7 6wks8


Dear Lyss,

First, I am so proud of you.  Thank you for releasing me from the stress and abuse that obesity put me through.  Thank you for letting me breathe and move and experience motions that I have never experienced before.  Thank you for pushing me to limits I never even knew existed and thank you for fueling me with good, wholesome fuel that helps me function so well.


You and I have been through the ringer together.  We have fought battles and ultimately won quite a great war together.  We have now found ourselves in battle again but we are stronger and more sturdy than we have ever been in the past.  We make a pretty unstoppable team if you ask me!


These last few weeks have been rough.  You push and you push and then push some more.  You are putting me through things that I have never experienced before.  I spent 20+ years laying around on the couch and sitting down and sleeping in bed.  I have been having trouble keeping up with you.  Sometimes you allow that crazy lady upstairs, the mind, to control your view of me and how you talk to me and some of the things you say are not nice.  There are days where it feels like you are ungrateful for how far we have come together and days where you don’t listen to me when I tell you I’m tired or hungry and you just listen to the lady upstairs.


Lyss, I need you to trust me.  We have come this far working together and if we continue to work together, listening to each other and trusting each other we are capable of incredible things.  There is no phone app, social media outlet or outside opinion that will be more honest with you about what you need than me.


Please be kind to me.  I do my best for you every day.  Please take care of me and listen to me and be my supporter.  Please treat me well…and it wouldn’t kill you to spoil me every once in a while with a massage okay?


We are in this together.  We are all each other has and this journey is just beginning.  The future is so bright for us!  I might make changes slower than you would like but I’m still new at this too.  I’m still getting used to you and the food you put inside me and the workouts you put me through…don’t get me wrong…I LOVE THEM (though I do miss the mashed potatoes you used to feed me) but this is all new for me too and I need some patience on your end to stick with me while I am making the changes you and I are making.  Don’t worry though…I’m always here and I’m always going to make you proud no matter what!


I love you and I promise we make a great team you and me- just don’t forget to trust me.



Your body.




I think the letter pretty much sums up how the last two weeks have gone.  I can’t lie…it’s been really tough.  I feel SO good on the inside, I feel good about myself and I have plenty of energy and  I see that number on the scale and it just totally effs with my mind.  I keep pushing and pushing for my body to make progress and I’m just not seeing the progress I want.  So what do I do?  Change things up, tweak the plan.  In a sense, I am the first person to do anything like this…go from bariatric surgery to competitive bodybuilding.  I need to do things that have never been done before, try new ideas and get creative!  That’s what this whole process is about.  The moment I start not loving it, then it won’t be the same.  I have to stop driving myself crazy!  I am doing this because I love it!  Because I deserve it!  Because I said I was going to and because I have something to prove to myself.

You listen here dear reader!  I might not be whizzing through this like a kid genius but mark my words.  I WILL NOT GIVE UP.  I WILL NOT BE STOPPED and I WILL NOT QUIT ON MYSELF!

You know what I need?  A SOLID PLAN!  Hey good idea Lyss!

Below is the plan I have put into place for the next two weeks.  It is based off the plan I have been following but fats have been decreased and cardio has been increased.  The spit has changed as well.  I have also decided to add back in the digestive enzyme since I feel SO much better when I take that.



45 Minutes steady state fasted in the AM

20 Minutes HIIT every other day after lifting

Workout Split

Day 1 Back/Biceps

Day 2 Legs/Glutes/Calves

Day 3 Chest/Arms

Day 4 Delts

Day 5 Legs/Glutes/Calves

Day 6 OFF


1,400 Calories

55% Protein, 35% Fats, 10% Carbs

Meal #1 (3) Egg whites, (1) oz. Avocado

Meal #2 (3) Egg whites, (1) oz. Avocado

Meal #4 (6) oz, Grilled chicken, (1/2) Cup green beans, (1/2) TBSP. Sesame Oil

Meal #5 (same as meal #4)

Meal #6 (6) oz. grilled chicken, (2) cups spinach, lemon juice

Meal #7 (4) egg whites, cinnamon, vanilla,

During the day I can have (1) TBSP of Almond Butter and (1) Cup of Kale chips



ECY Stack – Before AM cardio and before lifting

Omega-3’s – 8 per day

BCAA’s- 10 per day

Multi-Vitamin- 4 per day

Iron- 2 per day

B- Complex- 1 per day

Vegetable Supplement- 8 per day

Digestive Enzyme- 3 per day

Probiotic- 2 per day


Drinking 2 gallons of water per day

Must focus on getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night

Use lunch breaks to meditate, step away from work stuff and social media and focus on me and decompress

Stand as much as possible during work

Step away from forums and limit social media browsing.  I drive myself crazy with scrolling through everything and wondering why this person is making faster progress than me or why I can’t look like that person.  This is about ME.  I need to stop comparing.  Everyone has a different journey.  We all started somewhere different and my progress is no better or worse than someone else’s…it’s just different.


I can do this.  I refuse to give up.


Front Relaxed

Front Relaxed