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CHECKING IN (10 Weeks Out)

That’s 68 Days, 15 Hours and 26 Minutes for those of you who also have a count down on your phone.


Here we are…time is not stopping for anyone!  Good day, bad day, happy, sad…time keeps coming and coming.  Everyday something new is happening; new muscles are showing up, new emotions, new abilities…this has been the coolest learning experience of my life!  Losing weight is one thing and even living healthy is relatively easy if people just put their mind to it, BUT, this is different.  This is delicate.  It requires a type of finesse.  Hear me out on this one!  I know what the general public thinks about bodybuilding, every sub culture has their own set of stereotypes that they battle, some are accurate and others are just bullshit.  However, the grunting and sometimes unnecessary caveman screams that come from picking up heavy things and putting them down is coming from a place in the imagination where that person sees something that isn’t there yet and is creating this vision with the tools that build it.  Some other creatures of this liking might also include; artists, musicians, writers…they are also creating, sculpting and making what once was just a vision, a reality.  This one just happens to be sweaty, stinky and sometimes dirty.

This is a whole new world for me.  My body is different, my lifestyle is different and my passions have all changed…but deep down I’m still just a funny fat girl.  I get all flustered and awkward when I talk to a hot guy, I still wear clothes just because they fit me, not necessarily because they are cute and I still laugh at myself more than anyone else (Mom and John have so lovingly named it…fat girl syndrome).  I have NO idea what I’m doing…I’m just listening to my body and together we are pushing through this prep , going as hard as possible for as long as possible and leaving the gym every single day knowing we gave it everything we have!

So what kind of shenanigans have we been getting into?  I thought you’d never ask!



There was some issues last week and this week with feeling really bloated after eating and it was really bugging me!  I decided to remove everything that it COULD be to maybe find the culprit.  First went the broccoli, then the eggs, then fish, then spinach and lettuce…nothing was making a difference.  Then I cut out coffee and all warm liquids, all cold liquids…still nothing.  Then I stopped taking all supplements.  So there I was…my chicken and olive oil.  I was driving myself crazy and there was NO way that this was what I had to eat for the next 10 weeks!  So I had to reboot.  I thought that maybe it was something that WASN’T in my diet instead of something that WAS in my diet.

SO!  I decided to have a modest cheat meal, take a day off, get a really good night sleep and start fresh the next day.  I started with my first meal of egg muffin with oil and greens, slowly during the day I took my supplements, I ate my food and made sure that I was eating a little bit but often.  I decided to add a digestive enzyme as well just to help my body digest the foods I was eating.  I didn’t track every single thing I put in my mouth but I made sure every calorie was a quality one.  This has actually been working for the last three days…I’m nervous to change anything else for fear of scaring this good feeling away!

My body just digests food differently and I need to be conscious of that.  With all of the digestive issues I’ve had in the past…I’m going to call digestion as the asshole causing the issue (haha get it?)

I’m going to stick with the foods that I know my body tolerates and instead of cutting things out right away, I need to keep an open mind that I could ADD something into my diet to help.  For now…we are in the clear!

I know this won’t make sense to everyone and I’m sorry for the confusion but for some reason, my body responds so much better when I’m not tracking every calorie.  I don’t know if that is because I absorb things so differently now or what…but yesterday….after being at 140 for TWO WEEKS I got on the scale and was 139!!!!!!!!  YIPEE SKIPPY!



Training has been going AMAZING!!  I was REALLY tired two days last week due to the lack of diet and supplements but once I got my groove back…oh I was groovin!  Workouts have been strong!  I am still training the way I was before starting contest prep but I am just more cautious.  I enjoy starting my workouts with a warm up but getting my compound lifts in at the beginning of the session and following up with all the supportive muscles.  I have also been finishing up with 2-3 rounds of what I call 10x10s which are pretty self-explanatory!

I have been using a lot of cable moved and machines.  I feel like I get such a good squeeze on some of the machines and cables that I just don’t get from the dumbbells.  Of course the bar and the bells are always my most favorite but I’m sculpting here…not splatter painting.

AM cardio is not my best friend but we are slowly getting to know each other!  I have been doing 40 minutes of cardio on the stairmill every morning and 20 minutes of HIIT every other day after my lift.  I started this last week so I will keep doing this until my progress stalls again.  I will then increase the 20 minutes to 30 and so on.  I might also get up to 1 hour on the stairmill in the mornings as I get VERY close!


After cutting everything out I put everything back in that I was taking before.  I have added a fat burner and the digestive enzyme.  Same players.  OH! But I did increase the number of BCAAs I take.

Below are the progress pictures from today.  My abs are going to be the death of me!  I’m doing them every three days.  I’m doing heavy rope pulls, heavy wood choppers, heavy leg lifts…EVERYTHING I can think of to make them show up!  PLEASE ABS PLEASE COME TO THE PARTY!  They are like the hot guy you invite who you HOPE shows up because you really really really want to see him and hope that maybe at the last minute he will show up….that’s my abs right now.

Ab and Thigh...well...mostly just thigh

Ab and Thigh…well…mostly just thigh

Back double bi

Back double bi

Side Chest- not my best pose...I'm working on it

Side Chest- not my best pose…I’m working on it

Side Tri

Side Tri

Going through quarter turns

Going through quarter turns

aaand...quarter turn to the right

aaand…quarter turn to the right


Oh hello!  Were you just waiting there for me to update you on my contest prep as I promised day one?  I’m an asshole!  I apologize for keeping you in sphincter clenching suspense!


Well here we all are… 12 weeks out.  That’s 83 days, 20 hours and 26 minutes for those of you who also have a countdown app on your phone. How are you doing?  I forget to check-in on you and make sure you are doing okay as well?


Weight: As of 3/16/15 =140 pounds


I have been feeling really good during this prep so far.  I don’t want you to get ahead of me here…  I have been sore, exhausted, hungry and incredibly full…sometimes all at the same time.  I have had some workouts where I barely made it until the end and people who ask how far out I am keep saying “Oh! You have plenty of time!”  Well hell, don’t tell me that!  When all is said and done and I get home at night, I have really been enjoying doing this and I’m learning so much about myself and my body.  The changes I’m noticing in my body are absolutely incredible and I’m excited to wake up every single day just to see what changes have appeared!


I made the executive decision a few weeks ago to switch up my philosophy of this prep and decided that there isn’t a forum or expert in the world who knows my body better than me…therefore…my body is my coach during this.  I listen to my body and act accordingly; I eat when I’m hungry, I sleep when I’m tired and train for as hard as I can for as long as I can until it burns.  It’s not like there is a manual for having bariatric surgery and then going on to compete in bodybuilding and I can’t expect a coach to understand the science behind my surgery…therefore…my body is the coach and I must listen and obey.



Diet has been better than I expected.  I’m really paying attention to how my body reacts to what I’m eating and how it tolerates different foods, but paying attention to my appetite and when I’m hungry and full. Originally, I started with Intermittent Fasting and fasting until 1pm every day, however, with AM fasted cardio my body is starving by 9am so that is when I have my first meal.  During the day I focus on getting my water in.  I’ll have coffee first thing in the morning after cardio on my way to work and get my first meal ready to eat by 9am.


My calories usually average out to 1450 per day and my macronutrient break down is 60% protein 30% fat and 10% carbs.  The carbs come from the fibrous veggies I eat during the day.  I think as I get closer to the competition I will phase out these veggies and stick to lighter veggies like lettuces and cucumbers to avoid bloating.


M1 is 4 oz. Chicken breast, a cup of broccoli and four egg whites (I make the egg muffins in the muffin tins and there are two egg whites per muffin-I eat two of those) and 2 TBSP. of oil.


I break this meal into two parts and have the second part of the meal 2-2.5 hours later.


M2 is 8 oz. of chicken, 1 cup of broccoli or romaine and 2 tbsp of oil.  Again, this meal gets broken up into two parts.  The second part I will eat on my way home after work or on the way to the gym if that’s where I’m going right after work.


M3 is 4 oz. of chicken, 3 eggs and 1 TBSP of oil (I might add romaine or spinach to this meal).  This one also gets broken up into two phases where I’m struggling to get the second part in right before bed.  Dinner is also when I play around with the type of protein I eat.  I’ll have chicken or steak or fish to switch things up a little bit (had shrimp last night which was such a nice change).


Starting my meals earlier in the day has helped ensure that I get as much of my food in as I can during the day.  I don’t want to force anything and risk stretching my stomach but I still focus on getting in the nutrients that I need.  I can feel the difference in my workouts if I don’t get in enough food before I lift.



Of course, supplementation is so important right now because my diet is pretty limited.  Here is a full list of what I take in a day

During AM cardio- (4) BCAA caps from Beverly International


After Meal #1; Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Omega 3s, Magnesium, Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Biotin


After Meal #3: I take another round of the above.


With every meal I take (2) Omega 3’s and 2-3 BCAA caps.  I’m supposed to take 14 BCAA caps a day but usually make it to 10 so I have to get better at that.


This week I will be adding a fat burner as well.  Which will be a combination of Ephedra, Caffeine and Yohimbine.  I’m hoping this will help shedding the fat on top of everything I’m doing.



Training has proven tough a few times when I didn’t get all of my meals in, but ultimately, training is what I look forward to most.  I have decided to work one body part per day instead of doubling up during the week.  Sunday is my only day off from lifting and this is when I swim and do Zumba.


I am doing AM cardio fasted cardio every morning and switch off between HIIT and LISS cardio, usually on the stairmill.  It hasn’t been as bad as it was the first two weeks where I was totally dragging ass to the gym in the morning.  As I’ve always said, I HATE CARDIO… but we all know it’s a necessary evil for this process.  Lifting has been my most favorite part of this (obviously).  At the end of the day I just love to lift.  No matter what else I do along the way…lifting is my love, my passion and my therapy.  Anything I feel or am thinking about just goes away when I’m at the gym.  It is 1-2 hours a day where it is JUST ME.  Just me and the iron.  I know this is getting a bit off topic but in all honesty 50 pounds will always be 50 pounds no matter what…it will always be there and it will always be the same…life isn’t always that predictable.  *hopping off my soap box*  Days off are a bit few and far between, I have decided to take days off as I need them but always have that Sunday open just in case.  My lifts are continuing to increase or stay the same despite my body being tired.  Shout out to my most favorite sushi roll for being a great training partner at the gym!  I find that I am able to push a bit harder with those heavier weights when I know someone is there to catch them and me as well as keep the camera rolling if and when I drop those things right on my tits…it’ll happen! Just keep an eye on Instagram!


I’m still not sure if I am doing enough cardio…I know I still have “plenty” of time, but it’s just one of those things that I don’t want to lose sight of and look back thinking that I could have done more.  I also don’t want to go full on balls to the wall 2 hours a day cardio this early out and risk not having anything to increase to during this process.  I think as long as I’m still seeing progress I will keep doing what I’m doing and adjust from there.



OTHER than feeling tired…I feel good!  I get a bloating feeling in my stomach every day that I think comes from drinking so much water.  I am hoping that it will go away when I deplete water closer to the show.


My ass is not in pain all the time which has been incredible!  I have been able to lift and do cardio totally pain free and SLEEP pain free.  I have been doing everything that the doctor told me to do EVEN IF I’M NOT IN AGONY, as preventative maintenance.  I have come to terms with the fact that that being in severe pain is not the excuse to finally do what the doctors told me to do, I need to care for my body at all times to avoid any pain at all.  I think this whole issue is finally behind me (haha-never gets old).  I know I have one more little leg of the journey to finish this situation (one more surgery). I talked to the doctor last week and was SO excited to find out that the April 1st surgery I thought I had to go in for can be pushed back to AFTER the competition…THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS!  June 10th I will be going in for the LAST surgery of this whole process.  This is the surgery that the doctor feels confident will FIX the problem.  He still seems baffled as to why my last doctor performed 4 surgeries to essentially band-aid the problem instead of fix it, but I can’t be concerned with the past.  I have to move forward and focus on how to heal in the future.  Either way…there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.


Now, with all things that happened in my personal life, is the time where I focus just on myself, the contest, the book and all of the GOOD things going on in my life.  The poor book has been so neglected.  I’ll do a little bit here and there but nowhere NEAR what I need to be doing to get this book done.  I guess focusing on two such HUGE undertakings at the exact same time was not my best idea…but what can ya do?  It just always gives me something to do!  I have too many goals, too much going on to really focus on anyone but me (and my family of course).   The online dating world had reintroduced itself to me but once an old Indian guy told me he wanted to lick my butt cheek, I was out of these! My interest just wasn’t into meeting randoms out for coffee and pretend to be fascinated by conversations about their sexual conquests.  What happened to REAL men?  I’m not sure where these odd, obnoxiously sexual, “bruhs” came from…I’ll give them one thing though…the beards I’ve seen around lately are glorious!  I approve of the beard game going strong in Chicago.  *high fives all around*


Below are a few progress pictures.  I have been practicing posing every day.  After I do AM cardio, I go into one of the yoga rooms and practice for about 30 minutes.  Then, I go into the sauna and practice again.  I want my body to get used to posing in the heat of the stage lights.  I don’t have music yet for my routine, but I’ve been thinking about what I want to use and will start putting together a routine starting in April.


I’m not sure if I’m on track or where I should be at 12 weeks out BUT I am where I am and I can only continue getting better from here.


chug chug chugging along

chug chug chugging along

The abs are trying to hard to show up!

The abs are trying to hard to show up!

Posing is a work in progress

Posing is a work in progress