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Are you Jewish? You Israeli HOT!

This post is obviously WAY overdue.  If anyone follows me on Facebook, which I’m assuming you do since you are reading this and I only share these on Facebook… duh…I have been quite the busy butterfly.

On January 2nd my adorable brother and I had the incredible opportunity to get on a plane from New York, NY to Tel Aviv Israel.  For the next 10 days we would have a life changing adventure that I will never ever forget.

Not only did we get to experience the Israeli culture but our group was joined by 6 Israeli soldiers who were the same age as the group (I was a few years older- #epiccougar).  We had an absolutely INCREDIBLE tour guide who I believe made the trip as wonderful as it was.  He was so smart, open minded and answered all of our questions.

We hiked, slept in a tent, saw places that have been there for thousands of years, prayed at the Western Wall, cried at the Holocaust Memorial, got lost in the markets, experiences Shabbat, and ate our own bodyweight in hummus.

This blog IS about training and diet so let’s get into that…

It goes without saying that I was SUPID scared about the food, my diet and being able to train while I was out there.  When I emailed the person in charge she said that I was not able to leave the group to go to the gym and she could not guarantee that there was going to be a gym at the hotels we were staying at…fantastic. So was did I do?! The best I could.

There in fact was NO gym at ANY of the hotels we stayed at.  WELLLLL there was actually a gym at the last hotel we were at but due to some donkey rule about liability or operating license we weren’t allowed to use it… believe me… they knew my name by how many times I went down to the desk to fight about using the gym.  I had to get creative.  Luckily I brought my resistance bands so every day I did a different circuit that got my heart rate up.  We were walking a LOT during the day and we had LONG days so by the time we got back to the hotel we were all pretty pooped.  My circuit was never longer than 30 minutes as I didn’t want to totally burn myself out for the next day of touring.  I would do 2-3 moves that would get my heart rate up followed by 1-2 moves that focused on either upper body or lower body with the resistance bands.  I did a lot of the following:

Burpees, push-ups, jumping jacks, tuck jumps, power squats and sprints (where I could)

I also had the chance to run stairs at one hotel so I added that to my circuit.

Where diet is concerned, when I spoke to my coach before the trip he said that it was important to keep my protein high, keep my food as clean as possible and have 1 meal during the day that I enjoy.  He also said that the most important thing was to just maintain for those 10 days.  There were days where I didn’t want to have an “enjoy” meals just because I feel that it would have been a waste.

There were buffets at every hotel we stayed at which was fantastic!  There were fresh veggies at every meal, breakfasts had hard boiled eggs and fruits. Lunches were often on our own so we ate falafel or salads.  Dinners were often fresh veggies, chicken or beef and some type of starch.  During the day I would have my quest bar or a protein shake (oh yeah… I was the a-hole who packed 5 lbs worth of protein powder.  The group was lucky that the tuna packets didn’t fit in my luggage).

All in all I ended up losing 2lbs in Israel which was great!  It took about 3 days to get back into my weights that I was using before.  My body was pretty exhausted from the lack of sleep and jet lag.  Not to mention the day after getting back from Israel I left for Phoenix for work.

I think I proved to myself that in any situation in any part of the world as long as I stay dedicated and honest it is very possible to enjoy myself while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  As anything else in life it is all about balance.  I don’t feel like I missed out on anything that I would have enjoyed.  I was able to experience the Israeli food and lifestyle without feeling guilty.

Next, is the adventure of living in a hotel room in downtown Phoenix for a month… stay tuned.

Climbing Mt. Masada (MUSADA) as my classy brother would call it

Climbing Mt. Masada (MUSADA) as my classy brother would call it


These adult parks are ALL weight lifting equipment where you lift your own bodyweight! HOW COOL IS THAT?!


FALAFEL in the market! Nothing beats fresh!


Incredible view from the Old City in Jerusalem