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My life changed forever.  I was given a second chance at life.  I was offered an opportunity to be re-born.

Three years ago all 320 lbs (I had already lost 20lbs from the pre-op all liquid diet) of me got onto the operating table without a single CLUE what the future was going to hold.  Honestly, NOTHING could have ever prepared me for what was in store.

Not only has my body completely transformed but I have completely transformed.  While I’m very proud of the physical changes in my body over the past three years, proud doesn’t even BEGIN to explain how I feel about the emotional and psychological changes I have made.

When people ask me “HOW” I lost the weight I always answer the same way.  “I had to change my relationship with myself and food.”

I had to learn to appreciate and respect myself and my body enough to know that I DESERVE to be healthy, my body DESERVES good food.  I had abused my body and myself for years with negative words, horrible food and a sedentary lifestyle.

Things are not blue skies and fluffy bunny tails now.  I constantly have to battle the demons in my mind telling me to, “Just go ahead and eat that cookie… you’ll work it off later.”  BUT in the three years of this journey where originally I would have said , “Hell yeah!” and stuffed every single cookie in my face… three years later I am able to say “NO”

I know what cookies taste like… I don’t know what reaching my ultimate goal tastes like and honestly… the latter of the two is what I crave the most.



THREE YEARS AGO (Summer 2010-Summer 2013)