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Update… Post Plastics

It has been 6 days since my surgery and I wanted to post a little update for everyone.

First, I cannot thank everyone enough for the kind words, prayers and words of encouragement.  I feel truly honored to be surrounded by such wonderful, loving and supportive people in my life.  Even if we speak every day or we speak in passing once in a while.  Please know that your support is cherished and is what keeps me motivated and inspired every single day.


On Friday, after a 6 hour long surgery the doctor let my mom and brother know that it was an incredibly successful surgery.  They removed 5 pounds of skin.  I was in the hospital overnight but was up walking as soon as they moved me from recovery to a hospital room.  I rented a lift / recliner chair before surgery and that thing has been AMAZING!  YES I have to sleep sitting up like the Elephant Man.

I have 4 drain tubes coming out of me.  Two on the right, two on the left.  They look like grenades! haha and mom and I have even named them!  #1 is Fredrico, #2 is Ricardo, #3 is Consuelo and #4 is Pedro… my amigos!  They have to be drained every 12 hours and safety pinned to my panties so they don’t swing around.

Showering has been an interesting experience… my poor mom has to help shower me since I can’t lift my hands over my head due to the boobies and there isn’t an extra rack to hold the amigos while I shower.

Since there are still open wounds I do have to have gauze handy and Neosporin to put over the drain tube sites and the blister that has formed at the front of my tummy from the skin being pulled.

It is still so weird to look down and not see a giant apron hanging over my thighs.  It just goes straight down.  I have full, round boobs instead of saggy old tube socks.  EVERYTHING is still incredibly swollen and I’m hunched over like an old lady because standing straight up is still not an option.  I also walk with a little shuffle because of the tubes and they lifted my booty so long strides is a bit painful! I have been up walking A LOT!  The doctor doesn’t want me walking long distances but wants me walking every hour.  Yesterday I walked around Woodfield and am paying for it today.

Diet is a bit limited at the moment.  I don’t have much of an appetite and when I do eat I get full pretty quickly.  I need to get my protein requirements in for the day so I have been eating chicken and fish when I can and drinking protein shakes in between.  I also munch on almonds and try to get at LEAST a gallon of water in a day.  I am drinking double doses of Glutamine and BCAA’s as well as taking extra vitamins to ensure my body is working as best as it can.

Yesterday and today my legs, calves, ankles and feet have been REALLY swollen and it has been a bit concerning.  I will be going in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning with my doctor just to make sure there is nothing going on inside my body that is concerning.  He said it is pretty common.

I am HOPING to have the drain tubes taken out Monday or Tuesday.  I have been fitted for a onesie / binder number that will look ULTRA sexy haha.  I have been wearing just a tummy binder since surgery.  I will have to wear the binder for the next 4 weeks, hopefully I will be able to sleep in my bed by Monday.

The hardest thing of course has been not being able to go to the gym.  Honestly, with the amount of pain and the awkward hunch of my body I don’t really have the craving to go to the gym.  I do make it a point to walk and move as much as possible but do miss lifting.  I know that in a few months time when things are healed and I can slowly get back into it that it will all be worth it.  I just keep telling myself that!

Sunday is my birthday!  WHEE!!! Happy 25th to mee!  I wanted to do just a simple family / friend gathering at my house but of course since it’s a cheat meal we are going to have the ONE thing I’ve had a craving for for over a month…. oh yeah ready for this one?  PIZZA HUT EXTRA CHEESY STUFFED CRUST PIZZA!    *food gasm* sick right? haha

All in all even with the pain and the inconvenience of the tubes, hunching over and sleeping sitting up… I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  I am SO excited to see what my body looks like when the swelling goes down.

Tomorrow…is the start of a whole new journey…

Well… the day has finally come.


After years of hard work, tears, determination, sweat and a little blood the time has come.  The day after tomorrow I finally go in for my skin-removal surgery.


Two years ago, standing at 5’4” 330lbs I never in my wildest dreams though I would be here.  I could never imagine being 150lbs, healthy, able to move and able to BREATHE. While I am naturally a positive person, I have to admit that it hasn’t all been rainbows and sunshine the whole entire time.  There have been days that have been really hard, weeks where I didn’t see any progress and months where I live in absolute fear that I will gain the weight back.  I know that people who see me now see me as smaller but I remember every moment of what it was like being morbidly obese.  It is those moments and those fears that keep me honest and in check about my eating and health.  It also makes me appreciate where I am now because I know where I was then.


A lot of people have been asking the inevitable questions, “How are you feeling?”, “Are you nervous?”  In a nut shell… YES!  On one hand I am SO excited… BEYOND excited to be moving on to the next phase of my life.  I see this surgery as cutting way the last bit of my fat girl life and moving on to my healthy and fit life.  On the other hand I’m incredibly nervous, not just because it is a 6 hour long surgery but because it’s such a drastic change.  I am still just trying to get used to being in a smaller body and seeing myself as a slimmer person and now I will have to get used to a whole new body pretty much over night.


There are days where I look in the mirror and I still see that 330lb girl looking back at me.  Then there are days where I look in the mirror and almost burst out into tears because of how far I’ve come.  That’s what this surgery is celebrating for me.  It is my celebration and reward to myself of how far I’ve come, how every single rough day and resisting temptation and battling food demons was ALL worth it for this moment and after I recover, after the bandages come off and drain tubes are removed… I’m going to enjoy every single second of it and keep pushing myself to live the healthiest life I know how.



Plus, I’ve been making INCREDIBLE gains in the gym.  My muscles are showing, my strength has gone THROUGH THE ROOF!  I am deadlifting, bench pressing and squatting more than I ever have in my entire life.  I am astonished every day at the gym at how strong my body has become and I fear that being out of the gym for 8 weeks will take those amazing gains away from me and  I will have to start all over.  See, to me, the gym isn’t just a place I go to check out the hot asses flexing their muscles (which I do!) but for me it is a stress reliever, a type of therapy where I can just get lost in my own thoughts, focus on myself, my body and forget the world around me.  What will I do now that I won’t have that for almost 2 months?



For those who I may not speak to on a daily basis who are trying to play catch up, here is an update on what is going on with surgery.  On Friday, August 9th I will be going in for the first of two skin removal surgeries.  Let’s be honest… after losing 180lbs things just don’t go back to where you would hope that they would go back to.  While I’ve built a ton of muscle and tightened up as much of the skin as I can… I still have some that refuses to take the hint and go away.


When I met with my surgeon on July 24th for my two week pre-op meeting we went over the entire procedure.  I will be having an extended tummy tuck / lower body lift and a breast augmentation.  Originally, when I met with him in November 2012, we decided that he would remove fat from my back and move it into my boobs for a natural augmentation.  Well…. It didn’t quite work out that way because I have lost so much body fat that I don’t have enough to make much of a difference.  So he is taking these sad looking 3 day old party balloon boobies and giving me fake ones!!


The next two days will be a lot of mental preparation.  I have everything prepared at the house with regards to clothing, big underwear, rented potty handles, rented recliner, pain killers, my book to edit and TONS of Muscular Development Magazines.  Mentally, I don’t think I’m quite there yet.  It hasn’t really sunk in yet that this is going to happen so soon, that there is no turning back and now I’m jumping feet first into a whole new life.


I promise to keep everyone posted.  Obviously, since I will be home stewing on the couch I will have MUCH more free time to do the things I’ve slacked on a little bit.  My BOOK is the FIRST thing I will tackle.


Please think happy thoughts for me and feel free to text or stop by and say HI for a visit anytime!  Oh and one more progress picture before the snip snip

from 330lbs to 150lbs.

from 330lbs to 150lbs.