Monthly Archives: July 2013

Got me feelin…. Caught up!

First of all… I know you’re thinking “Where has this bitch been?!”  Well…. read further… this post isn’t going to be training related but this is more of a life observation that I think everyone can relate to on some level.

Have you ever felt yourself get caught up?  Maybe reading a good book?  watching a great movie?  guys maybe a particularly fascinating article in Playboy? For a time everything around you seems to fade away a little bit.  You are focused on ONE thing and your blinders are up to anything else around you.  How easy is it to get caught up in things that we are focused on?  Things that we ENJOY and things that even make us happy but we forget about the other things going on around us.

The past few days I have come to the harsh reality that I have fallen victim to getting caught up in work.  I truly enjoy my job as an Event Manager of a hotel.  It is my job to get all the details together, put them in a Banquet Event Order and make sure the rest of the departments of the hotel know all of the details of this particular event.  My specialty is social events so I am a party planner!  WHEE!  But I work with a lot of Corporate clients as well.  I moved  up into this position in April.  Despite not having any training at all I found that learning “baptism by fire” style was working for me and I was able to really teach myself what I needed to learn and come up with my own style for doing things.  I am VERY lucky to work with people who have been doing what they do for YEARS and answer my questions when I ask and mentor me when I need mentoring.

The past few weeks have been quite stressful as we are short staffed in the Convention Services department and we are in a very busy season at the hotel.  I have worked WAY too many hours and WAY too hard for my own good and found that I was making myself sick.

After needing a break and receiving a few pep talks from co-workers it dawned on me that I have been “caught up” in the work force since I started working a real job (which was at age 20).  I would ALWAYS forego social events for work or miss out on hanging out with my friends because I had to be up early for work.  I found myself giving ME a pep talk today and it went a little bit like this:

You are 24! YEARS! OLD! You are in the prime of your life and you are missing out on the best years of your life for WORK.  You have a whole entire bucket list of things you want to accomplish in your life and when was the last time you actually crossed off one of those items on the list?  When was the last time you drove to Indy to see your best friends?  When was the last time you even got on STAGE and performed for people?  (For those of you who don’t know I have been an actress since I was 6 and acting/singing is something that I absolutely LOVE).  You don’t want to be 75 years old and look back at your life and think “oh man well I wish I would have done that and I could have done that”  HELL NO!  That is NOT an option.  You want to look at pictures of moments in your life and think “shit that was fun”

While I love my job and think I’m quite good at it… I will no longer let it run my life.  I will not get caught up and spend 17+ hours at my desk and miss time with my family and loved ones.  I will spend time doing the things I truly love to do that make me happy.

Plus… I’m WAY more fun to be around when I’m not stressed out!

Thank you for listening to my rant and if you take anything away from it… don’t get caught up in the things that take you away from the things that truly make you happy and will enrich your life.  We all deserve to do the things that make us feel like we are living exactly how we want to live and fulfilling every single dream we have set for ourselves.