Fat Girl in a Fit Girl World- Happy Birthday to ME!

Have you missed me?  It’s been quite a while hasn’t it?  Why?  You might ask.  Lyss, why would you just leave us here wondering what is happening in your life and the over-share, too much information posts you bombard us with on a regular basis?  That’s a good question!  Allow me to explain…

Today is my birthday.  I’m 29 years old and my life is just getting started today.

This last year has been quite a doozie.  I left Arizona last May to come home and start my life as a writer/coach/personal-trainer/business owner/entertainer/motivational speaker…see where I’m going with that?  After having such an incredible few years of wins, this last year felt like a bit of a loss.  Isn’t that how the roller-coaster of life goes?  Once I started on my journey after weight-loss surgery, I lost my weight, I had my plastic surgery, I started bodybuilding, I won bodybuilding, I took a new job, I moved across the country.  The momentum built and built and I was so excited and was so proud and so looking forward to the future of what life is going to be like now. The thing is…I have no freakin’ clue how to live life as a fit girl.  As a fat girl I set up my life and my future based on the things I knew I could do and the things I enjoyed because being obese limited me to those things.

Everything I know, everything I am and the person I have grown up to be has been because I was a fat girl.  I went to UNLV for hotel college because I was super outgoing, great at customer-service and didn’t think I’d make it as an actress.  My personality, my quirks, my goals and my dreams…were all based around being fat, being the funny fat girl and living life that way.  I didn’t plan on what would happen when I’m not fat anymore.  I planned for the weight-loss process, I didn’t think about what opportunities would open up for me once being over-weight didn’t hold me back.  This is my life now.  This beautiful body, this physique that I worked so hard for is now my life.  A life that has infinite possibilities.  A life that has everything as a possibility in front of me…it’s just a matter of what I want to do.

So now what?  What do I WANT with this beautiful body?  This capable body, this healthy body that I know is capable of amazing things.  How the hell do I live as a fit and healthy role model? How do I make my life around this sport that I love so much and this lifestyle I spent years to build?  I haven’t even explored every form of fitness! I’m still just a fat girl on the inside I have just infiltrated the other side and it’s gone from under-cover to drinking the kool-aid.  Now, I need to figure out how this fat girl makes her way in a fit girl world.

I made the decision to make my own path and do something that very few people have ever done.  With that, comes the responsibility of paving the way.  There is no article, no journal and no program when you are the one paving the way.  It’s my job to share what life is like.  Now starts the journey of building my life as a fit girl.  I’ve loved being able to inspire and help people all over who are going through the bariatric surgery process.  My weight-loss transformation is complete…but life just beginning.

I’m going to share this journey with you.  To be honest, it’s going to get ugly.  It’s going to be confusing and frustrating and maybe even a little over-the-top.  But, it’s going to be honest.  What more could you need?

It feels like it’s true what people who have had bariatric surgery say.  “I was re-born on my surgery date.”  You really are.  You have to grow into a whole new person, you have to build a whole new life, a new view on life and a new set of standards for yourself.

My name is Lyss Remaly, I was born on December 10th, 2010.  I’ve learned a lot so far…I have a lot more to learn, I’ve accomplished things beyond my wildest dreams…I have a whole new set of dreams to reach.  I’m on a journey for this fat girl to make her way in a fit girl world.

FabuLyss FitLife- Food vs. Nutrition

I have a very long relationship with food. Food and I go way back and when I look back at my relationship with food I look back at it like a first love.  It was just ugly and painful in the end when it all seemed to start so great  I have a new life affair with nutrition.  I taught myself food but now, I’m having to re-learn nutrition.

There is a difference.  One person looks at a grilled chicken breast.  It’s moist and juicy and perfectly seasoned, it’s good food! They think “this looks deliscious. ” Someone else looks at that same chicken breast and thinks, 4 ounces of 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and one gram of carbs.  My body will use this for fuel.
  Which do you find yourself thinking?

I taught myself to think that burgers are burgers and when I wanted food and craved a burger I could eat a burger.  Food was just food.  When I learned about nutrition I found a way to understand the importance that food plays in nutrition and how to use both.
Your brain craves food and your body craves fuel.  Some of us listen to our brain more than our body…let’s be honest we can convince ourselves of anything in our own brain.  It’s much easier than accepting the difficult task of listening to your body.  THAT takes time and patience and consistency to build a relationship with your bidy that is so strong that you know exactly what it takes to fuel it.  We are all so busy looking for the “quick fix” that we don’t even give ourselves time to check in with our body and see how it’s really doing.
Believe me, my hunt for what I thought was the quick fix lead me to bariatric surgery.  I had to understand the painful truth that no pill, no detox, no surgery will make up for the time and the effort and the consistency that goes into really learning my own body worked…but in a new body.  Now I help others learn this new body and how it fuels.
Food is amazing and wonderful and magical and I look at it fondly…but nutrition saved my life.  Nutrition gave me a new way to understand how my body fuels. It takes work and time and it may not always go your way but of you keep fueling and keep trying to find exactly how your body moves and fuels; you will never regret the moment that lead you to 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat, one gram of carbs.
Welcome to the club!

FabuLyss Fitlife- Back to Reality

Why does that always sound so cruel when people say that to you when you get back from vacation?  It’s like salt in an open wound!!



In a nutshell…vacation was INCREDIBLE!


We started in Ft. Lauderdale and took a cruise to Haiti, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Kitts.  This was Mark’s first cruise.  It was our first family vacation with my aunt and uncle who we recently met for the first time.  The cruise itself was amazing (obviously, it’s a cruise).  The most amazing part was the time we spent together as a family.  We all tried new things, we saw things for the first time ever and we got to explore new places together.  In St. Kitts, Mark and I did a stand-up paddle boarding excursion on a private beach and what I thought was an impossible activity (let’s be honest- my balance and coordination is sub-par) became a feat that I can now say I DID!  I was actually able to STAND UP…not just that but PADDLE…not just that but PADDLE THROUGH THE WATER!  Mom surfed, we all made to the top of the rock climbing wall!  (I have never ever been rock climbing before).  We ate amazing food, drank wonderful wine, stayed up late, slept in, drank coffee and watched the sun rise.  I turned my phone off the moment we left for Florida and didn’t turn it on until we landed back in Chicago.

We took an Alligator Everglades tour in Florida

That’s right…yours truly made it all the way to the top!

Underwater helmet diving in St. Maarten

The whole clan in Puerto Rico. We looked for the BEST fish tacos ALL DAY…and when we finally found the place…it was CLOSED! D’oh

We zip lined in Haiti on the LONGEST zip line across water! WEDGIE!!


This vacation was MUCH needed.  I’ve been a bit of a funk lately.  I feel a bit stuck with where I am right now professionally and even personally.  I’m disappointed that I had to take a job back in the hotel industry and put business goals aside.  Being back in the hotel industry means more crazy work weeks, ungodly long hours and more time away from my book, coaching and doing what I know I’m meant to do. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t have a show coming up within the next year.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk.  This vacation gave me a really good opportunity to take a step back and prioritize.  I may not being doing what I WANT to be doing just yet but I’m a LOT closer than I was a few years ago.  I’m not quite leaving my mark in this world but I’m taking steps forward to make sure that one day I will.  I prioritized the things I HAVE to do and the things that can wait a little while to do.  This will keep me sane right?


Just because it’s not happening YET, doesn’t mean it’s not going to.  I am always preaching to people to stay consistent, work your ass of and keep moving forward… I need to bill myself for taking my own advice finally J  Many of you who follow me, know me and chat with me know that I take on too much, I have too many goals, I’m too ambitious and I stress myself out wanting to get it all done NOW.  You’d be correct… you’d also be correct in reminding me that everything I ever wanted to do… I made it happen.


On that note- since being back, I have been getting back into the swing of my routine, training and nutrition.


I’m on a training split of A workouts and B workouts.  This week has been A workouts


Monday – Chest/Shoulders

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Cardio only

Thursday – Legs


I’ve been making it my goal to wake up at 5am every morning and spend the morning doing SOMETHING active.  I’ve been using this time to center my thoughts, get prepared for the day ahead, get a good sweat on first thing in the morning and to laugh.  I want to start my day with a laugh.  I’ve been watching Golden Girls, reading funny stories, YouTube videos and listening to stand-up comedians.


Diet has gone back to “normal” – do I weigh and measure every single spec I eat?  No.  Do I keep track and monitor?  You betcha!  One of the good things about being in an “off season” if you will is that I pretty much eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full and ensure that the foods I eat are good quality.  Before the cruise, Laurie and I made it a goal to eat more of a plant-based diet.  Home-girl has been KILLING it with going more vegetarian.  I have been doing well adding more veggies and fruits but the protein piece because of the bariatric surgery and lifting is very important for me personally.  So like anything else… I make it FabuLyss friendly:



Hard boiled egg whites and some type of green (broccoli, Brussel sprouts)

I have been eating an apple or an orange with breakfast also



Nut-Butter and the other part of the apple from breakfast

Almonds or Cashews

8-10 crunchy green beans or celery



Some type of green: Brussel sprouts, green beans, kale, spinach, zucchini or spinach

Fish like salmon, cod or tuna

On days where I’m doing legs or back and need some extra carbs, I’ll add a portion of roasted sweet potato.  If I don’t add sweet potato than I’ll add a healthy fat to my lunch like sesame oil or olive oil.


Snack (pre-workout):

I usually have left overs from lunch in my cooler so I’ll eat the protein from my lunch and some of the greens from my lunch before my workout.  I’ll also have a few more almonds


Snack (post-workout):

Right after my workout I like to get protein in.  I will have tuna in my pack or turkey nibblers (recipe below) which are my most favorite protein on-the-go.



If I’m still hungry after my workout I’ll make some dinner that might include:

Mixed greens with a home-made oil based vinaigrette with white fish

Scrambled eggs with coconut oil and spices

Grilled veggies with chicken



1 package of ground turkey

2 eggs

1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese

3 TBSP almond flour OR ground flax meal

1 cup of chopped broccoli (you can also use kale but make sure it is chopped very fine)

4 cloves roasted garlic (take 4-5 bulbs of raw garlic, peel and put onto a foil wrapped baking pan, sprinkle with sea salt and roast for 15 minutes at 350)

3 TBSP minced onion

salt and pepper to taste

Mush it all together with your hands in a large bowl.  Use a TBSP to scoop out TBSP portions and push them into a small patty onto a greased cookie sheet (you can also put them into mini muffin tins but clean-up can be a biotch).

Bake in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes until dark brown



I love being able to count on my tool as well as my best judgment to determine my portions.  I make sure to pay attention when I eat so that I can listen to my body.  After seven years, my tool is still doing its job.  For seven years I’ve treated my tool well, I’ve cared for it, maintained it and it is STILL working.


Thank you for sticking with me dear reader.  Thank you for following my journey.  Thank you for supporting me when things have been tough, when I have succeeded, failed, struggled and thrived.  I’m just a regular person, I keep reminding myself that and need to keep that in mind when things don’t happen overnight.  Because of you, I know that no matter what…things will be not just okay…but FabuLyss.


Have an AMAZING day!

FabuLyss FitLife- NEW YEAR IS HERE!


Thinking back to this time last year and all that has gone on in between…well… it’s been a hell of a year.  I think it’s safe to say that most of us had a few ups and downs in 2016 and welcomed 2017 with open arms and open legs! (hopefully more-so open legs).

2017…. a new year….a whole new motivation and a time to get re-focused.  At least for me.  I have a TON of resolutions that I made this year.  I have a few choice ones that I have put as “priority 1” resolutions.  Two of those are to get my YouTube channel up and going and get regular videos out to the cyber world and do the same for my blog.  My YouTube videos are geared toward the bariatric community (nothing against you normies out there), I wanted to have another resource for people out there who are going through surgery and I hope I can help a large number of people and offer solid advice and guidance on there (maybe a chuckle here or there).  The blog will keep following my training and diet.  My goal…. though it may seem crazy… is to be 120 pounds.  That’s my challenge to myself.  The last time I was 120 pounds…I was 8.

While maintaining my muscle mass and hopefully adding a little…I want to be 120 pounds in my off-season.  Will it be difficult?  UHM…HELL YEAH!  Will it take a while?!  LET’S HOPE SO!

Mom and I have been doing something a bit different with our diet the last two weeks.  We started the Isagenix program.  In a nut-shell: For the first 30 days you do 2 shakes per day, 2 snacks and one meal consisting of lean protein, veggies and a low-glycemic carb.  The meal can be breakfast, lunch or dinner and the other two meals are replaced with these shakes.  One day per week you do a cleanse day where you take the day to cleanse out your body with their cleansing beverages.

So far, mom has lost 4 pounds and I’ve lost 3 pounds.  The shakes are super easy peasy (especially at work- no egg white smell, no broccoli smell and no sesame oil smell…you’re welcome office peeps!) this past week, I started to feel hungry during the day.  I haven’t felt hunger in a long time!  So far, I like how easy the program is.  We are sticking with it until we leave for a family cruise February 18th so I’ll keep you posted!

Training has become more focused since the beginning of the new year.  My goal is to gain lean muscle while burning body fat…as we all know, that is essentially impossible BUT I don’t know what that word means so I’m going for it anyway!

Tonight was Chest/Shoulders with my girl Laurie

Dumbbell Shoulder Press / Superset / Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Machine Chest Press

Assisted Dips / Superset / Plate Upright Rows

Cable Upright Rows / Superset / Battle Rope Slams

Cable Flys / Superset / Planks

Pec Dec Rear Delts / Superset / Cable Rope Pull-Downs

Partner Leg Raises

Roman Chair Leg Raises

Steps today: 9,567

Being back in the corporate world means one thing…well it means a LOT of things (that’s a different blog post all together) but…LONG, STRESSFUL days stuck behind a computer at a desk are now a norm so getting back into a healthy routine while sticking to jobly duties are back on my radar and have to be taken into consideration when doing training schedule, meal preps and scheduling.

Had an AMAZING weekend this past weekend in Las Vegas.  I went to visit my beautiful friend Heather who is getting married in October and I’m lucky enough to be her maid of honor.  We went shopping, caught up, went for an AWESOME hike at Red Rock and as a total spur of the moment, Mark and I looked at houses…oh yes we did!  Just looking…you know… like when you look at the menu knowing you may come back another time and actually eat there.  Sometime in the future.


Progress pictures are from January 2nd so I’m due for new ones this weekend! These are sitting at 150 pounds and nice and fluffy

20170101_191503                                                       20170101_191442

20170101_191412                                                       20170101_191422

Also check out the GORGEOUS pictures from our hike in Vegas!

IMG_1709                                         IMG_1703


Stay tuned!  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel- From Bariatrics to Bodybuilding.  Videos come out Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Feel free to ask a question you would like me to answer or throw out a topic I can chit chat about (be careful what you request-I can talk about anything…yes that’s a threat!) Stay tuned here for updates on workouts and diet Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

OH AND HAPPY THROWBACK THURSDAY!!!!! Here’s an oldie but a goodie to celebrate!




FabuLyss FitLife- BUELLER?!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have been looking at my social media, my website and my blog asking this same thing:  “Bueller?”       “Bueller?”     “Bueller?”    Uhm…Lyss are you alive?



Believe it or not…this last month has been dedicated to a few things that I have neglected over the last year; rest and recovery, family, mental health, family, balance and balance.

Many of you who know me know that I have an extreme personality…I’m not just happy majority of the time I’m “LYSS HAPPY!”.  I don’t just workout… “I GO HARD OR GO HOME BEASTMODE”.  I don’t just lose weight… “I GO FROM BARIATRICS TO BODYBUILDING.”  I compare myself to a bull in a china shop…I don’t just show up and wander, I bull doze into a place and make myself known.  I’ve been like that for a long time.  Sometimes people find it off-putting…that’s cool, I get it!  As I’m getting older and settling into adult-hood, I find that it’s something I have to learn how to balance.  My extremes are quite exhausting sometimes.

This past month, everything that has been going on the past year or so came to the surface and I decided that I needed all of the things listed above.  I just needed to chill my tits a little bit and take a bit of a break for ME.  I had to remind myself that it’s OKAY not to be go-go-go all the time, it’s okay to take some time to recover and be calm and be still and just….be.  It’s okay that I’m not running around saving the world every single day and some days it’s okay to be selfish and lay in bed all day watching cheesy rom-coms.  That’s what life is…balance.  Now, bull in a china-shop here learning how to balance has had its ebbs and flows but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it (gosh Adult-ing is SO HARD.)

This past month, I went on vacation, I relaxed and slept-in.  I enjoyed food and good wine.  I worked out because I love to do it not because it needed a purpose or an end goal.  I enjoyed time with my family and my friends.  I had moments where I completely broke down and beat myself up because I’m not an international celebrity yet (one of my goals by the time I turn 30), and I had moments where I met new people who made me laugh so hard I piddled.  This past month, I enjoyed being in-love and exploring a still new relationship, I enjoyed being lazy and letting my body just…be.  I saw my dad and spent time talking to him (I’m not sure if he can hear me but gosh is he a good listener- haha I know, my sense of humor is sick).  I wrote more of my book and explored new workout plans and new ways of eating and exploring food.  There was no time-line or rush or goal…I just let myself…be.  As uncomfortable as it was at times…I really needed it.

As much as I work with my clients on BALANCE and finding a fit and healthy lifestyle.  There are times I need to coach myself too.  It’s so easy for me to go-go-go all the time and forget about the truly beautiful things in life that are just as important as saving the world.  I needed this past month away from social media and away from sharing ever detail of my life to really understand that.  Now hear me when I say…I’m still working on it.  My mentality of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is still nagging me in my mind but now the 28 year old adult me is saying, “bitch, you’re crazy!”

I can honestly say this last month has taught me truly how important balance is.  How important all aspects of life are, not just work, not just money and not just recognition.  Falling asleep because your body is ready to sleep, eating because you are hungry and being able to recognize when you are truly full, meeting brand new people who are fascinating, peeing in the trees hoping no one will see you, playing in the waves of the ocean and letting them scoop you to shore, eating food that tastes amazing and not tracking every single micro-calorie, crying because you need to and  not holding it in because you think you have to, being unsure and scared and questioning yourself…these are ALL parts of life that play such a crucial role in “balance.”

Feel free, if you see me getting “LYSS CRAZY” again… remind me….to balance.  I’ve already written it on my mirror that I look into.  BALANCE.  It requires focus, dedication and most importantly…practice practice practice.


NOW…. how about a few updates eh?

I am on day SEVEN of Jessie Hilgenberg’s Muscle Building program.  The program incorporates lifting progression and cardio recommendations to build muscle while staying lean.  She is one of my most FAVORITE fitness icons and someone who I respect and admire.  She is a mother, a wife, a fitness legend and runs a company like a BOSS (Check our Jessies Girls).  This woman is someone who I can learn a lot from and that’s what I love about this program.

My interest in utilizing different methods of food and nutrition brought me to “The Wild Diet.”  My fascination with podcasts found “The Fat Burning Man” where Abel James talks to top nutrition and fitness figures about their philosophies on diet and lifestyle.  Abel himself is the creator of The Wild Diet and although some might look at it and call it Paleo.  I appreciate his attention to natural remedies, natural energy and utilizing food for so much more than just fuel but actually using food for true nourishment.  I’m a fan.

Some of you may remember that on October 29th, I was lucky enough to receive my pro-card with UFE in Women’s Physique.  One of the most incredible moments in my entire life.  Not just as a former fat girl but as someone who was never athletic or even fit.  Standing on that stage, lights shining bright and hearing my name being called as a new UFE PRO…one of the TOP memories of my short 28 years.

Check it out!








FabuLyss FitLife- It’s a Twisted Tale…PART TWO

WELL…if you saw the video I posted on Facebook earlier you’ve already heard the juicy news from this weekend…

Needless to say that there is never a dull moment in the life of FabuLyss FitLife.  No matter how much you plan, prep, schedule, prepare, arrange and consult with your voodoo witch doctor…you just can’t ever be ready for some of the curve balls that you get thrown.

IN A NUTSHELL- let’s do this bullet point style

  • Friday morning I thought I had gas pain
  • As the day went on it got worse
  • Fast forward to 8pm Friday night when I’ve spent all day in the fetal position on the floor in agony.
  • I tried moving, sitting, laying, going to the bathroom, getting in the bath, taking a hot shower, pepto, gas-x…when NOTHING I tried was helping with the pain…I knew something wasn’t right.
  • Side note- I had felt this agony before…three years ago when A Twisted Tale part ONE was created and I ended up in emergency surgery the first time for this… UH OH!  no bueno…
  • Mark took me to the ER on Friday night at 8pm and they finally got me into a room at 11pm.
  • CT scan showed swelling and fluid around my intestines and colon
  • Night of agony and frustration…no food, no water and no sleep to follow
  • Saturday morning, the Bariatric surgeon at the hospital I was admitted to here in the burbs wanted to talk to my bariatric surgeon in the city before moving forward with anything he said that with the amount of pain I was in and the CT scan results, it didn’t look good…
  • My surgeon in the city said to rush me to U of C ASAP so he can get in and operate on me (p.s. my surgeon was ON HIS WAY to Michigan for a 100 mile bike ride and had to turn around to come to the hospital to see me-this man is an incredible human).  He made it there by 2pm
  • Hospital I was at decided to drag their feet transporting me by ambulance and finally at 4pm my surgeon said, “EFF IT! get her into a helicopter and get here here” (not getting me there as soon as possible could have resulted in dead tissue inside my body so how rude of the suburban hospital)
  • Helicopter got me to the city in 8.5 minutes and within 5 minutes of arrival I was in the OR (side note- impending surgery considered…the helicopter ride was freakin AWESOME)
  • Three years ago this happened.  My doctor untwisted my intestines and stitched them back into place.  WELL, since I’ve lost even more weight since then, they came OUT of the stitches and twisted in on themselves AGAIN.  Something that he said is possible, that there was nothing I could have done differently or anything I did that caused it.
  • The result: Three incisions, hernia repair, totally unexpected surgery, feels like I got hit by a bus and totally swollen abdomen.

So here we are.  I have 4.5 weeks until my second bodybuilding competition.  I have ONE day until I go to California for an INCREDIBLE opportunity to do my first big motivational speech and teaching a group boot camp AND a fashion show where I am wearing a skin tight dress.


Life is so incredibly short.  Things happen ALL the time.  Things don’t go as planned, life has ups and downs and turn arounds and unexpected victories and unplanned hardships and what do we do?  All we can do…keep going.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’ve already had my ugly crying emotional break down (two actually but who’s keeping track?!)

The Bodybuilding Show

The show must go on right?  I’m still going to compete.  I was ALREADY behind and was stressing about that…and now…I’m even MORE behind, but, I’m not giving up!  I have worked SO hard and busted my ass up to this point and I’m not going to let this stop me from getting on that stage.  The Dr. told me that I have to take it easy this week on the lifting.  I have been taking some time to rest my body but have continued with my cardio.  Diet is going to change a lot sooner than originally planned.  Training is also going to have to change a bit in order to make up for this set-back.  Diet is going down to 1100 calories, 130 grams of protein, 60 grams of fat and 15 grams of carbs.  Diet is going to remain SUPER clean and basic.  Egg whites, chicken, fish, ground turkey, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds and avocado are going to be the extent of my diet for the remainder of this prep.  I’m still going to utilize intermittent fasting Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.  AM cardio is 50 minutes on the stairs.  I’m going to have to increase HIIT cardio to every day for 20 minutes.  Posing is going to have to be put on hold for a few days while my tummy is still tender and swollen.

(I keep trying to avoid looking at my tummy in the mirror because it is swollen and looks terrible.  Three days ago I had beautiful abs and now…just a swollen mound.  I know it will go away but the mini panic attack I have every time I see my body is not going to be going away until the swelling does).

Water intake is still two gallons.  Supplements are all still the same.  I have started taking Activated Charcoal to clear out my insides from so many pain meds and anesthesia from the hospital.

I won’t be able to lift until next week and even then, I’m going to have to be really careful.  I am going to have to really sit down and think about how to move forward with my training split.  Luckily, I have a long flight to California tomorrow (Thursday) to think about that


This weekend, I have an AMAZING opportunity to do my first BIG Motivational Speech at the Obesityhelp.com Conference in California.  Motivational speaking is something that I see myself doing and doing often as I move forward in this new career I’m building for myself.  The speech itself I’m not nervous about but the morning of my speech, I am teaching a Group Bootcamp workout and really want to be able to bring full throttle FabuLYSS to the group.  I have been practicing and while I know my energy and charisma will be there, I worry that my body will just not quite be right.  I keep telling myself that all I can do is my absolute best and that is going to have to be enough.

All of my meals are packed, my flight and hotel is taken care of by the beautiful Obesityhelp.com team, I have my speech ready to go (just need to practice a few more times) and bootcamp is ALMOST ready to rock and roll.

This whole thing has been a total inconvenience and wrench in my plans for the show, the conference and life in general.  HOWEVER, I try to look at it and handle it as I would guide one of my lifestyle coaching clients through a situation like this.  Life has to go on.  When things don’t go as planned you have to stop, regroup and find a way to keep moving forward with a different plan.  Every single struggle is an opportunity to see what you’re made of.  THESE are the moments that test your resilience and your ability to keep fighting for what you want because at the end of this, you can look back and say, “Even though everything could have fallen apart and gone to shit and I could have given up… I didn’t.  I FINISHED.  I did what I said I was going to do.”  That’s something to be really proud of.

Nothing will ever stop me.  It’s going to be REALLY tough for the next 4.5 weeks but now is when I really get to challenge myself and find out what I’m made of.



Last progress pictures...still pretty proud of how I"m looking even though I'm a touch behind

Last progress pictures…still pretty proud of how I”m looking even though I’m a touch behind

Abs looking so good last week

Abs looking so good last week

Just pouring salt into my open wounds looking at these!  Please come back my pretties!

Just pouring salt into my open wounds looking at these! Please come back my pretties!


FabuLyss Fitlife- Houston…we have 16 weeks…

Yeah….yeah…..I know…”Lyss you suck at keeping us updated about your Fabulyss Fitlife!”  Hop off my nuggets will ya?? I’m trying to save the world here!!  Oooooh but you would be right and for that…I deserve a spanking.  Go on…just be gentle…or not!

Today, July 12th 2016 as I sit here during my morning potty writing this, I am now 109 days away (16 weeks) From show #2.

Prep has molded itself into a different approach than I’ve ever done before.  I really needed to take a step back during this approach and think….”okay woman…what does your body NEED, what is totally UNNECESSARY and what is REALISTIC.”

You think just because I’ve done this once before that I know what I’m doing?! HELL TO THE NO! That’s what makes this process so much fun.  Sure, I did it once before but I want to do it BETTER!

After surgery on June 4th for my tush (yeah…again) I got really sick with mono.  I had unbelievable body aches, it hurt from my hair to my toe nails, I had fevers, chills, sweats, vomiting, the runs…seriously… some instances I wasn’t sure which end it was coming from.  It was bad.  After 7 days of these symptoms, I went to the hospital where they actually told me it was mono (I had no clue before this and just thought I had the flu or a virus from surgery).  When the hospital took my blood they indicated that my liver enzymes were REALLY high.  This was a huge moment in my brain.  After this whole saga with the surgeries and the hospital nonsense and the drama…II want to be able to heal my own body and make my body function optimally by using what I have available and what I know how to control instead of depending on medicine and another person’s level of expertise to heal me.  I want to be able to compete in an incredibly demanding and exhausting sport without having to depend on unknown products, fillers and high doses of caffeine.   I can take all the supplements in the world, I can eat as healthy as I want and I can even drink all of the water and all of the land…but I need my body to be healthy.  That is the WHOLE point of my journey and my transformation.  I mean…sure, the sexy guns and tight ass are a nice bonus but my body needs to be healthy and needs to function optimally in order for me to continue to get better at this amazing sport and this incredible life.  So what did I do?  I did a little summer cleaning…notice I said CLEANING…not DETOX.   I believe that the body cleans itself when you use the right tools.

Everything “EXTRA” had to go.  My body needs as much GOOD fuel to process as I can give it.  I need my body to run like a MACHINE.  A machine doesn’t run properly when you give it the wrong fuel, even the “little things” the “extras” make an impact:


Supplements/Vitamins that were not NECESSARY- HAD TO GO

Tylenol, Muscle Relaxers, Pain Meds, Allergy Meds, Cold/Flu- BYE BYE

Fiber powders, laxatives and fat burners- DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON THE ASS

Artificial Sweetners, Artificial Flavors and Condiments/Spices that are not home made- ADIOS

I did a LOT of research on foods that have a PURPOSE.  I want to eat for a REASON.  The reason isn’t just to get calories in to fuel my workout (this is a VERY important reason, however, my meal plan needs to fuel my workouts and my insides).  I wanted to build a food plan where everything I ate had a reason for being eaten.  Not only that, I only wanted to take vitamins and supplements that would help keep my body strong and healthy and give me the things that I wasn’t getting from FOOD.

I’ve included things like; Apples, Avocado, Oranges, Salmon, Sauerkraut,  Organic Eggs, Chicken of a MUCH higher quality than I was getting before.  Dark green veggies like kale, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, rampini, collards etc. I’m eating more coconut oil and olive oil for my fats.  I have started using Apple Cider Vinegar and things like garlic, ginger, dandelion root.  I am drinking green tea instead of coffee, I am drinking water with lemon and lime.

Training has changed quite a bit as well.  Most of my cardio has been short bursts of either bodyweight movements or rowing on the rowing machine.  I need to be able to be strong enough to move my body as it is as well as heavy objects around me.  I want to be able to be strong and fast and lean and agile.  I don’t want to just look healthy.  I want to BE healthy.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, ..you get the idea.

Wow… as I’m writing this, just had a thought.  Health is kind of like an addiction.  Once you get a taste you want another taste and you want to keep tasting until you can’t go through a day without thinking about it.  You can’t function without it, you focus your life around it and your thoughts around it and it never seems like its enough.  You spend time and money on it, people in your life know how much you participate and there are people in your life who enable it, others who don’t understand it and those you disagree with it.

……. I’ll just let that stew for a bit…….


16 weeks out!  Weight: 151

Feeling AMAZING.  Feeling strong, energetic, excited.  Most importantly…I’m feeling like myself again.  I missed me.



This is LIFE…

Look, I get it…THIS is life…

Sometimes, thing go really really great.  You get your dream job and you make great money.  Sometimes, things go so unbelievably great that you can’t imagine things ever getting better, but they do! You meet the person of your dreams and build a dream house and travel the world. Things are even better than you imagined and you are so grateful for everything you have and are and do.  Sometimes, things go really bad.  Things get so bad and so shitty that you can’t make ends meet.  Things are so bad that you have to make a choice of which bill not to pay.  You are exhausted, lonely, frustrated and angry.  Sometimes, things are really scary.  You have to worry about going to a festival or a gathering.  You have to keep a security alarm on your house or a fire arm under your bed.

I would tell them that life is unpredictable.  You get sick out of the blue when you never saw one warning sign or symptom.  You glance to your phone for just a second and end up in a life changing accident.  You aren’t paying attention and walk right into the person you were meant to be with.   Sometimes, things are so frustrating.  You have to wait for 20 minutes to speak to a human being just to ask one simple question, the person who just cut you off is going exactly the speed limit in the fast lane.  Sometimes, things are so beautiful.  You witness the birth of a new human being, you watch a family reunite after years of being apart, you see the selfless gestures that people give to each other every day.  There are times when life gets overwhelming.  You have people depending on you and a job that bores you and paperwork piling up and bills piling up and responsibilities and obligations and they all have to be taken care of right away.  You have goals and dreams and ambition and ideas that all swirl in your mind at once and you don’t know where to start or what to do first but if you could just figure it out you would be the next hit.

Sometimes, life is not fair.  Your loved ones get taken from you too soon, you miss the deluxe upgrade by one point, you fall to the ground two feet from the finish line.  There are days when you don’t know how you are ever going to make it to the next day.  There are moments when you feel yourself look to the skies and thank whatever is up there that this is your life.  Life is complicated and exciting and disappointing and terrifying. People put each other down and say ugly things to each other and themselves.  People give the shirt off their back to a stranger on the streets and they spend hours of their day giving free haircuts to those less fortunate.

Life is a lot of things and these things happen to every single one of us no matter who we are, what we look like or what we believe.  Life happens and it will always keep happening…so when will it finally be time to take care of yourself?  You need to survive and enjoy all that life is going to throw you.  You have to build a strong army inside of you of healthy organs and muscles and courage.  You have to understand what your body is capable of and what challenges you can meet to be fully prepared for the battles of life.  When life is good, bad, scary, wonderful, exciting and traumatizing, you deserve to feel strong enough and capable enough to handle it.

Live this life.  Don’t just survive it.


Fabulyss Fitlife- You Can Do ANYTHING

If you would have told me 6 years ago,

“Lyss…one day, you are going to love going to the gym.  You are going to crave healthy and wholesome foods, you are going to be excited to look in the mirror and you are going to participate in a sport that requires you to stand on stage in front of hundreds of people in a bikini…” I would have laughed in your face and asked you to pass the cheesy mashed potatoes.

If you could do ANYTHING…what would you do?

Would you skydive in Thailand?

Do you want to run a naked marathon?

Would ride a donkey up Machu Picchu?

Do you want to be able to breathe at night and be taken off a C-PAP machine?

Let me make this easier for you…


Don’t ever…I repeat EVER let society or the ignorance of on-line strangers tell you that you cannot do something, that something is impossible or that your dreams/goals are unattainable.  Who are they to tell you what you can or cannot do?

Don’t ever tell YOURSELF that you CAN’T do something.   How do you know?  You are the only one who can make it happen.

I believe that NOTHING is impossible.

There are people out in the world who have been told that they would never walk again…they are running marathons.

There are people out there who cannot hear… creating some of the most beautiful music out there.

There is a girl who could barely make it up a flight of stairs competing in bodybuilding with a dream of being Ms. Natural Olympia one day.  (that’s me by the way!)

These people had an idea, a spark of a dream and did ANYTHING they could to make it happen.

 You have to be willing to do anything it takes to get there.  Sitting and wishing won’t get you there.  Complaining and making excuses for yourself won’t get you there.  Money, time, energy, resources are all realities in all of our lives and when you stop letting those get in your way who knows what the possibilities are.  Just because something is HARD doesn’t mean its impossible.  When you put it in your mind that you are going to do something…make every single day one step closer to getting there.  Keep asking yourself what you can do today?  Is what you are doing  right now helping you get there?  Are you doing ONE thing every single day to get you there?  Are you doing everything you can think of?  Are you pushing your comfort zone? Are you making sacrifices?  Are you doing new things that you’ve never done before?  Are you doing what other won’t?  Are you opening your mind and your heart to new opportunities and uncharted waters?

If not, why not?  If not…start TODAY…start right NOW.  Why are you waiting? Start now before you can convince yourself otherwise.

If you want something bad enough you will do ANYTHING to get there. BUT…It’s up to you.

No dream is too big, no goal is too crazy when it’s what you really want.  It may take years and even a lifetime to get there, it will be hard and you will want to quit and you will stumble along the way, hell you may even crash and burn and decide to do something completely different along the way…but when you make it…you will be able to look in the mirror and say…”I CAN do anything.”

What are you doing still reading this?!  GO OUT THERE AND DO IT!




Fabulyss Fitlife- Day #25 I’M SMALL!

I originally typed “Happy Memorial Day” as a first line to this post…that seemed a bit morbid to call it “happy” so I would like to say “THANK YOU” to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Thank you to those past, present and future who put their lives on the line to protect us and keep us safe.

Today marks the beginning of week TWO of the 28 day fast metabolism plan.  I KNOW you all have been refreshing your facebook feed everyday with hopes of my updated post to show up on your screen!!  So here’s the scoop!

Things I like about the plan-

*The plan does a great job of cutting out all “extras”.  She really wants you to focus on wholesome foods.  Good quality foods that are dense in nutrients make up the whole plan.  You are eating fruits (mostly dark berries, mangos and apples), a variety of veggies (veggies that are higher in sugars like corn, tomatoes, egg plant are not on the approved list.   Wholesome grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice.  Lean, grass-fed proteins like; fish, chicken, nitrate-free deli meats and sausages, grass-fed beef, turkey and eggs.  Healthy fats like nuts, oils, avocados and egg yolks are all on the list of fats that are a green light.

*You have such a HUGE variety of foods to choose from.

*The plan really TEACHES the follower about different foods and their nutrients.  She does not want to you count calories or macro-nutrients but to just eat from the list and let the healthy foods to the work.

*The plan changes every 2-3 days, you are not eating the same things every single day with the risk of the plan getting boring.

*You are totally detoxing your body of artificial sweetners, caffeine and alcohol during this plan.

*Water and decaf tea are your main liquids and it has been really interesting exploring different flavors of teas that are out there.

(Check out some of my high school buddies and their tea company Tiesta Tea for some amazing tea options! )

About Our Teas

*She encourages you to try different sources of activities based on the phases of the plan.  Days that are higher in carbs she suggests a HIIT based workout.  The Friday-Sunday days, she encourages lifting and one day of yoga, swimming or low impact activity

Things I’m still on the fence about

*We are only going into week TWO but my body did not like the first two days of the plan.

(due to the bariatric surgery, the good fats in my diet help with going to the bathroom and keeping things regular.)

The first four days of the plan do not have any fats.  This made bathroom issues arise and made me feel a little bloated and uncomfortable.

*The amount of carbs/sugar the first two days of the plan make me just a bit uncomfortable.  I am super sensitive to carbs and even though they are all good sources of carbs, the lack of protein those two days made me a little worried (this was ALL mental as the only physical feeling I had was the bloatey feeling from not going to the bathroom all the way).

*I am curious how a plan like this will be sustainable as a long-term lifestyle.  In the book she gives details on how to maintain this for long-term use as well as repeating the cycle multiple times for bigger results.


Weight has gone down 2 pounds!

I can’t lie, I still chew gum during the day BUT! I went from 1 pack of gum a day to 3 pieces a day!


FUN FACT!!!!!  I NOW FIT INTO A SIZE SMALL T-SHIRT!!!!  I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRRRRRRR NEVERRRRRRRRRR fit into a size SMALL!  I was BORN in a size Medium-Husky T-Shirt!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!  The TRAIN shirt is my work shirt which is a small and the big shirt is an XXXL.  AH!!! SO EXCITING!







  • Contest prep starts June 6th!!!!  YAY!!! I’m competing with the UFE again on October 28th!
  • I’m going to be having surgery again on June 4th for the same issue as before…let’s hope THIS is the winner!  *FINGERS CROSSED*
  • My LyssRemaly.com website is under construction and will be coming to a webpage near you in July!
  • I’m up and running with Bariatric Lifestyle Coaching and am taking on new clients!  Phone, skype, in-home and on-line coaching is all available (email me if you have any questions at all).
  • Personal Training at Equinox in Highland Park is an absolute BLAST!  I’m learning SO much and meeting so many wonderful people!  I love that Equinox puts their trainers though an intense certification and training process that feels like being in college again (it has been so amazing learning and re-learning and practicing the practical aspect of training).